Open source, promotion to improve Red Devil fans, selling irons 299, down to 70, simple conditions but very painful

Open minded, electrical shop owner Organizing a promotion to improve Red Devil fans, irons from the price of 299 to 70, simple conditions. But it’s so stressful

from the case of a Facebook user named Kunawut Kiratinanwattana Posted a message with a picture of himself wearing a Liverpool shirt and an iron with the message stating, “According to last night’s results It is expected that a group of football fans will have affected them mentally.

In order to mitigate and improve, work proactively, integrate and reach brothers and sisters quickly. The party said Rae!!! (Lost the word love) Arrange a promotion Normal Iron 299 baht Selling for only 70 baht. The rules are only a spirit fan wearing a shirt to buy + take a picture with me 1 person per 1 piece, one day only.

PS Why does it have to be iron… how can it not be ironed like this!! Electric Chakthong There is only one place without a branch.”

Most recently, today (March 6), the news team went to the area at Chakthong Electric Shop. Which is located in Wichit Sin Market, Bung Sub-District, Muang District, Amnat Charoen Province The news team spoke to Mr. Kunawut Keeratinanwattana. The owner of the shop and the person who posted the message until it became a social media trend at the moment

by Mr Kunawut revealing the origin of the said post that He was a Liverpool fan for a long time. And there are some brothers and sisters who are Manchester United fans, usually after a game between Liverpool and Manchester United, when the ball comes out, they will buff each other and gray each other.

Like a brother or friend who is a Manchester United fan who opens a restaurant on the day Manchester United beat Liverpool. I’ll post something like if Liverpool fans come and get 2 free fried eggs, something like this. I will post to tease each other and tease each other. Which would be normal for ghost fans and Swan fans anyway

after her red team won So she thought of a promotion to go along with a football score, which was 7-0.

At first, he didn’t think his post would be shared by so many people that it was such a trend. He was also shocked that his post had several famous pages. Share a lot

because usually every time there are only football fans in Amnat Charoen who come to comment and tease Coming this time, it was my own tendency, I was shocked. and very proud


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