Open statistics, Chiang Rai is superior to organizing a large army against Ratchaburi

“Kwangsong” Sing Chiang Rai waiting for “Dragon King” Ratchaburi Mitr Phol Since 2013 until now, Singha Chiang Rai has not lost a single game against Ratchaburi Mitr Phol. In the Thai Football League 1 on September 18, 2021, broadcast live on AIS PLAY and GMM25 channels.

Singha Chiang Rai United – Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC

Thai Football League 1 season 2021-22 on Saturday, September 18, 64 at Singha Stadium, Chiang Rai Province, at 18.00, between “Kuangsong” Singha Chiang Rai, the former Thai League champion 2019 with 4 points from 2 games, ranked 3 before the game, opening the home “Dragon King” Ratchaburi Mitr Phol, the 6th team with 3 points from 2 games, this game is open for 25 percent of football fans to enter the field. Live broadcast on GMM25 and AIS PLAY channels. Click:

“Coach Emerson Pereira”, the tea coach of Singha Chiang Rai, the latest game, open the house, overtake Nakhon Ratchasima, Mazda 3-2, this game is expected that there may not be Apirak Worawong, Mr. Dan Chom Nguy, who is not yet complete. As Saranon Anu-In, the first-hand guard of the pole The main body is also a full set, Brinner Enrique, Phithiwat Sukchitthamkul, team captain, Cho Ji Hoon, Siwakorn Tiatrakul, Ekanit Panya, with Bill Rocimar down the page. target

On the side of “Coach Jeab” Somchai Maiwilai, the head coach of Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC, the latest game defeated BG Pathum United 0-2, with the core still ready to go as usual, including Pawee Tantatemi, the Thai national team defender, Sanwat Dechmitr, Pathomchai Suesakul, with Swiss midfielder Sebastian Wuthrich having a chance to start as a real player. As for the offensive line, put 3 together with Stephen Longil, Dareley and Sitthichok Kannoo to win a shot.

Statistics of meeting both teams in the Thai League 2020-21, the first leg, Singha Chiang Rai won 2-1, the second leg, Ratchaburi Mitr Phol, 1-1, with this pair meeting since 2013 in the Thai League “Big Han” Mitti Tiyaphairat, chairman of Singha Chiang Rai executive chairman, has never lost a single game against “Sia Fluke” Thanawat Nitikanjana, president of Ratchaburi Mitr Phol.

Open statistics, Chiang Rai is superior to organizing a large army against Ratchaburi

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