Open the 12 zodiac signs, check it out! Which zodiac sign is lucky? It is a karma free period. Free from obstacles in life

Stars and horoscopes for Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Readers, take note according to Thai astrology It holds that the interplanetary attraction influences the life, thought and actions of every human being. The orbital planet moves every day. influences the ascendant (Luck) through the house of destiny

Ascendant (Luck) Which zodiac sign is obtained from tying the horoscope (making a horoscope) using the date, month, year of birth and time of birth to make a horoscope, so you will need to know which zodiac ascendant (Luck) in your horoscope first So gradually read the prophecy of the ascendant (Luck) that zodiac sign.


Ascendant (Luck) Aries
Today you will meet people or events against your reputation. The more you are about to gain a new or bigger position, the more intense resistance you will have. But new allies will only continue to play a small role for a short time. All in all, you still have enemies to cut your legs off, making it very uncomfortable.

Ascendant (Luck) Taurus
Who are you meeting today who has done something to you that you shouldn’t be angry with? Think of forgiveness as giving up one thing. Negotiating with anyone if it is a job will not matter and will lead to discomfort. can be promoted to a position There is a wonderful energy of perseverance and patience.

Ascendant (Luck) Gemini
Today you often have to do social work or show kindness to the masses. Servants who have helped in business matters for a long time become your good friends and continue to help each other He was a person who raised his children well because he believed that fever treatment He who is married, his relatives have mercy on him.

Ascendant (Luck) Cancer
Today you are very happy and comfortable. What do you think most of your wishes will come true? Money will be spent on essential consumer goods and communication. which is not waste of any kind and these are some of the reasons why you cannot save There is always a problem at work which causes a headache.

Ascendant (Luck) Leo
Today you have a good income, everything. But the partners working together are not good. cause some obstacles to work they should not initiate a sharing call or establish a sharing circle During this period, try to do your duty as well as possible without expecting anything at all. You should not expect any good fortune from a distance or from an adult. Beware of home electrical appliance faults or short circuits.

Ascendant (Luck) Virgin
Today, you have difficulties planning events as well as communicating appointments. Setting up a trading company or doing anything related to communications or consumer goods is often very difficult or unsuccessful. It’s hard to gamble. It’s better to be happy outside your home than to be stuff.

Ascendant (Luck) Libra
Today, if you go anywhere far away from home, you might get your fortune back home. It is often unsuccessful to do anything related to laws, regulations or seeking permission from the authorities. because going to the ceremonies that are postponed At this time, it is better that you have obstacles for enemies than to be sick.

Ascendant (Luck) Scorpio
Today you are lucky enough to be compared to a free period. Doing good deeds will help you to be free from obstacles in your life during this period. or to be serious, it can be light But it is not a matter of gambling or taking illegal or immoral risks. love is quite pleasant Maybe there is something new in the home.

Ascendant (Luck) Sagittarius
Today he is not in good health and is prone to getting sick easily. The work you do is very tiring, sometimes upsetting. Walking up and down the stairs of your home or office can easily be a mistake. The contract partner will give you unexpected benefits or make you happy. The slowdown in money should not be stressed because it is about to improve.

Ascendant (Luck) Capricorn
Today, you who are quite poor or have been poor for a long time, the opportunity to become rich is coming. Be patient and work hard and you will surely get good results. The information received is often incorrect or incomplete, and care should be taken. You should not confess your love to anyone you love. because this may not be the time when he thinks with you

Ascendant (Luck) Aquarius
Today you will have a mission that includes new friends. close and having to solve problems for them Maybe it’s about a minor illness of a friend that you need to take care of. It will not be convenient to get help from influencers or foreign friends. If something is damaged, you should think it is better to hit it.

Ascendant (Luck) Pisces
Today you use virtue as your weapon and kindness as your strength. You may be able to get away from fasting somewhere for a while, but this may result in a loss of some income. There will be people trying to sell you antiques, amulets or land for a cheap price. If you buy it, it will not be damaged. Since you already have a certain amount of money, it can be considered as a solution.

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