Open the clean energy roadmap Action towards Carbon Neutral at the 2022 EGCO Group Forum

Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and the Chairman of the EGCO Group said at the seminar that From the current low carbon society policy, dependence must be reduced fossil fuel down continuously by the year 2050, which 10 ASEAN countries have established carbon reduction policies but are concerned that countries will continue to use oil, natural gas and coal. which will lead to the path towards low carbon society including the goal to reduce carbon emissions by 40% in 2030, the goal carbon neutral Net zero emissions targets 2050 and 2065 not achieved. Promote greater use of renewable energy

for Thailand If doing nothing and the proportion of use renewable energy Currently, it is only 23-24%, it is impossible to reach the goal. Although many countries have adopted policies green energy For example, the Japanese government gave 2 trillion yen to invest in research and development in the early stages. The next step will allow the private sector to operate fully on its own. Europe gave 85 billion euros to upgrade the infrastructure. which will lead to a green transport sector

While Thailand has modified the framework of the National Energy Plan 2022, which will be completed by the end of this year. or early next year In which the main framework has increased the share of renewable energy by at least 50%, converting transport energy into green energy and measures to support the use of electric vehicles By establishing the National Electric Vehicle Policy Board (EV Board) to help reduce the purchase cost of electric vehicles by 200,000 baht per vehicle so that electric vehicles are priced similar to combustion vehicles.

Thepparat Theppitak Mr The President of Grŵp EGCO said on the subject of the Carbon Neutral Roadmap that entrepreneurs in the power and energy industry must adapt from the pressure of 4D + 1E, which is Digitization. Technology is changing rapidly Decarbonisation Reduce carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gas emissions Decentralization Deregulate power sources, improve regulations and electrify Increasing popularity of electric power

“Coping and growing with such challenges EGCO Group So driving the business under the concept of “Cleaner Smarter and Stronger to Stimulate Sustainable Growth” to move towards a low carbon society. By dividing the goals into 2 stages: medium term goals Increase the share of electricity produced from renewable energy to 30% and reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit of electricity produced by 10% by 2030, and the long term goal is achieving carbon neutrality or Carbon Neutral by the year 2050″ Thepparat said

Open the clean energy roadmap Action towards Carbon Neutral at the 2022 EGCO Group Forum

for a road map EGCO Group Giving importance to expanding the power generation business portfolio of renewable energy a clean energy in Thailand and abroad So far, the total capacity of renewable energy is 1,424 megawatts, which accounts for more than 22% of the total power capacity of 6,377 megawatts. For example, in 2021, EGCO Group invested in “Apex Clean Energy Holding (APEX), a leading renewable energy energy developer in the united states. This will be a foundation for further investment in other renewable energy and clean energy development projects in the future. especially solar energy and energy storage battery systems as well.

in the meantime EGCO Group There is a policy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the main fuel energy plants that hold shares, for example, using hydrogen as a fuel mixed with natural gas or coal. Including the study and development of alternative energy such as hydrogen, ammonia, and small modular reactor (SMR) power generation, which is CO2 free, stable and competitively priced.

However, Thailand’s move towards carbon neutrality will require significant investment. Because most of them have to buy technology. So take advantage of this opportunity. pushing Thailand to be a hub of various technologies That can produce and export technology products to the ASEAN region as well Including wanting to propose that the government supports new alternative energy such as hydrogen that is stable competitive price And to meet carbon neutrality in plan developing the country’s power (PDP) as well as increasing the share of renewable energy to 50%.

Open the clean energy roadmap Action towards Carbon Neutral at the 2022 EGCO Group Forum

Jirawat Ratisunthorn Mr The Deputy Secretary General of the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning said, as a person who sets the direction and gives recommendations on carbon neutral by looking at all aspects of the environment and having the Act on the Promotion and Conservation of Environmental Quality The opinion that solving problems requires long-term planning. adapt and reduce Carbon capture and storage technology (CCS) and carbon capture technology and Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) or hydrogen, which are directly related.

Jirawat Mr he said, but the point here is Difficulty must consider cost-effectiveness and time dimensions. to import technology to make it worthwhile where all the road maps are laid Up to the carbon neutral goal of 2050, 74% of the electricity produced comes renewable energy and stop using coal to generate electricity and move on Net Zero in the year 2065

“Importing technology in the early stages It can focus on the subject of the application first. Because the value may not be worth it. We have to adapt ourselves, for example, to increase the efficiency of electrical equipment, green label No. 5.” Mr. said

Open the clean energy roadmap Action towards Carbon Neutral at the 2022 EGCO Group Forum

Kiatchai Maitriwong Mr The Director of the Greenhouse Gas Management Organization of Thailand (Public Organization) or TGO said that carbon emissions are estimated to peak in 2025 and will gradually decrease if measures are taken. Achieved until 2050. Emissions are balanced against collection. which may require a helper Technologies that limit emissions with CCS technology or a CCUS system.

The region that emits the most carbon is the electric power sector To achieve this, more than 50% renewable energy will be needed, and 70% will need electric vehicles in the transport sector, including energy efficiency. circular economy definitely coming in Including the need for CCS and CCUS technology to help as well

Including having to have various measures To help push or stimulate, for example, in foreign countries, there is a Carbon Pricing Tool, carbon emitters have to pay or be responsible for their own emissions. Although Thailand does not have this issue directly. but in the Climate Change Act process and new department level agencies are coming in to support

Open the clean energy roadmap Action towards Carbon Neutral at the 2022 EGCO Group Forum

Poonsit Wongthawatchai Mr Executive Vice President of Environmental, Social and Governance Division for Sustainable Development Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited said that the business sector needs huge investments. transition to a low-carbon society in accordance with the various goals announced or promised

The banking sector recognizes the importance of allocating financial resources to businesses that will invest in green projects. It is estimated that the financial gap in the transport, energy, industry and agriculture sectors that want to invest in the transition to Net Zero is around $200 billion per year between 2022 and 2050. industry and the overall picture of the country to reach the Net Zero goal.

However, the change to clean energy is still considered new Therefore, it is a restriction on the banking sector. Thailand therefore categorizes various business groups. whether they are green, orange or red, and how each group must adapt that the banking sector will use. It is a criterion to help support the money for activities and projects. which helped the transition to Net Zero

Open the clean energy roadmap Action towards Carbon Neutral at the 2022 EGCO Group Forum

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