Open the current picture of “Sunday Ryu” from a famous star to a homeless life. Eating and sleeping on the street : PPTVHD36

He answered! The mysterious silhouette of a mysterious young man. along with the message “Who? From the star of the 90s to the homeless, going to boarding and sleeping on the street, “and leaving a mysterious message for many people trying to think who is he?

The answer came out successfully. The star of the 90s for this homeless person is “Ryu Athit” also known as “Sunday Ryu” A very famous former hero

“Sunday Ryu” gave an interview to “One Entertainment” stating that he is at the lowest point in his life. had to resort to selling second-hand goods on the side of the road Used to be accused of being insane, mentally unstable, mentally unstable for more than 15 years, considered a whirlwind in life which overwhelmed work life and personal and lose happiness. Having to sell things to support yourself in order to have a new life and a new future

Open the current photo of “Ajarn Mae” at the age of 87, reminiscing about the voice of a famous speaker.

Throwing back to the good old days, “Say I Love You”, sending sweetness to receive Valentine’s Day style from the 90s-2000s.

ill with bipolar Treated for 10 years, been in and out of 5 hospitals and used Dharma to heal until symptoms improved.

Going back almost 30 years ago, “Sunday Ryu” entered the entertainment industry at the age of 14, becoming famous and known. She is the favorite of girls all over the country with her bright looks and sweet smile.

In addition to leaving many works, such as high school villain, fresh villain, movie 303, fear, dare, vendetta, Dekden, including filming a music video Appearing on the cover of many magazines, shooting commercials, and being a presenter.

He is now 44 years old, living more than drama. while working in the foreground as an actor Give happiness to the fans Currently leaving the industry for 17 years, facing many monsoons of life not happy with work Due to having to bear all the pressure

The love is unrequited. Having problems within the family, having 3 children from 2 first wives and 1 from the second wife, currently banned from seeing children

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