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Open the depth of filmmaking “Taew Tower is broken“From a famous director”Phat Anon” that today has entered the 8th region under the name “Taew tower is broken, breaking the covids, Pang Puriye” which in this part, the famous director invested in making a movie by himself without being under any affiliation

Even though the tower has been broken in many sectors But it still gets negative trend of some movie addicts who see this as “Low-grade movies”, will this cause Phat Anon to stop making the next movie? Including all the disciples of the tower who are waiting for a separate movie from the main universe, will they be able to see each other again?

Bangkok online business Let’s take you to solve every doubt that everyone wants to know from the mouth of the famous director. If you’re ready, come and read it here!

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  • Taew Tower is broken” The latest part is ready to be released. How do you feel?

Taew tower is broken, breaking the covids, Pang Puriye” This sector is determined to do its best as always before. But this sector is different from other sectors in that Do-it-yourself investment for the first time Because previously it was done under the movie studio all along.

In this section, there is a line about the outbreak of COVID-19. There are new actors Come join in the full game. But in fact, Hor Taew Taek in this region must enter May. But the situation of covid forced the show to be postponed to this period instead.

The movie has been cut. Seeing the work makes me feel happy, proud, expecting that the audience will enjoy watching it and relieve stress.

  • The original story line of the previous chapter How to extend to the latest sector?

In fact, I didn’t intend to continue making movies. Because the last part was the 7th part, Pancake (played by Goh Tee) was born. But many movie fans demanded that they want more, so they came up with an idea for a sequel. Think of the story as The grim reaper got caught and didn’t really want this pancake. but took the wrong pancake The story is so chaotic that you can continue to expand.

  • Making a movie with my own capital for the first time like this How is it different from before?

Please note that Since making a movieTaew Tower is brokenCome, what camp have we been to?

  • The first part is with “Five Star”.
  • Part 2-3 is with “Phra Nakhon Film”
  • Part 4-5 is with “Mono”
  • Part 6-7 is with “Major”
  • This latest part 8 is “made with my own capital”.

Collaborating with camps In the past, every camp never interfered with our movies. The character of the movie is clear to us. Just let’s talk about what the plot is going to be. Who’s acting? The deal is closed. The project has been bought.

As for this part, the story line still focuses on fun as usual. nothing different There may be more money saved. But which one has to invest, must invest money. Let’s go according to the story

Open the deep

  • “Costume” Big arrangements in every region

Our movies are outstanding in clothes because you used to be a stylist in the past. we enjoyed this as the character Potjaman (From the story of Potjaman Sawang Kata) spent almost 2 million budget to make it a magnificent building.

If anyone says that your movie sucks, I don’t care. Because I know who you are making movies for. But it will come that the production is bad. This is not acceptable Because we never leave here, invest heavily, the picture must be beautiful, good light, good show, everything is important.

We pay a lot of attention to the production design, the scenes, the colors, the tones of the clothes, well thought out and let the crew make the outfits. The second part is a bit more colorful. Each region has a different concept. For example, the latest part will be based on heavy currents. It’s contemporary, has interesting outfits.squid game setLisa to make it look interesting

  • I see that this section has “Celebrities on social media” come to perform a lot.

In this part, the main characters are really only Je Taew, Je Phayun, cartoon black ants, and Ekachai is ordained. When the movie runs and shoots, it can’t show up. and Ajarn Yingsak refused to go because of health reasons.

But there will be a lot of new actors coming in, including Dome the Star, Nikki and many people who know on social media. This part is really fun because it’s more of a teenager. There were contemporaries to reinforce the army. It’s definitely fun.

  • Tell me about the case Praiwan attending the show Is there any drama here?

Many people think that inviting monks to act in movies is something that seems inappropriate, but in reality they have been invited.Phra Maha SompongCome to play in the story of Luang Phi Jazz 4G previously. Ask the Lord to give advice Not giving anything bad in this part.Phra Maha PraiwanCome to play with this purpose as well. (Currently it has been censored before the show as of 30 November 64)

Our movie is fun People laughed and forgot about the inserted substance. In addition, the movie can’t tell a big message about what society we want to reflect.

Open the deep

  • Some people bully sayTaew Tower is broken = How does P’ Phachar’s bisexual movie look at this story?

People on social media keep their mouths open. In fact, the vast majority of movie fans are “female” as well as “genderly diverse” – with most of the women who come to see it tend to bring their girlfriends. the man came

Who has negative comments? I want to say lookHor Taew cracked movie if it’s fun to watch need to be free don’t think too much because this movie is made for entertainment Did not expect to win an award like other directors.

Some people say, “Phachara leather. I want to wear anything. I wear it randomly for no reason.“The truth is not like that. All sectors are linked. Capture the loud events at that moment. to be consistent with the story line tie it together Because I want the movie to look more fun, that’s all.

In the past, in the first part, Marsha and Ice-Saranyu, the song was popular, it was put in the movie, no one said it, but the latest has a trend “medium“Actually, our movie already has a medium. We’ve been writing scripts since March. But many people do not know this. So we’ve tied it up with a bit of a parody of the old story. I didn’t tattoo it, but I put it on my skin to lose its flavor.

like a stream”squish game”,  “Lisa“Put out loud or current music”I am the president of the company“These things people may think are stuffed. Go into the movie for profit only Actually, it’s really hard to relate. which I think is a good challenge I want everyone to see how it can be connected.

  • Catching currents into movies Is it different before and now?

In the past, social media did not have as much influence on people as today. much easier to work with But now we need to think more. because today’s currents come and go fast We have to make the audience unpredictable about the jokes. because there will be some netizens who act well We have to think and make him unable to know better than us.

Sometimes social media misrepresents us. but did not respond, for example, some people said “how is the movie trailer The whole movie is like that, that’s it.“The truth is more than that. It’s much funnier inside. There is more than what you can see in the example. and then be confused about how to bring this current into the connection

Open the deep

  • Possibility of a separate movie in the future

Actually, I had a lot to think about, like “E-Taew Phra Khanong” is that Jay Taew was born in the Phra Khanong period. and then find out who killed my dog, and there it is.”Black Ant Little Mermaid” is that the black ant is a stubborn person like to curse the villagers Everyone cursed. Every midnight, the black ant turns into a mermaid.

Another story is “Mom, don’t be afraid of me.” This one is placed as a cartoon. The story line is that Ajarn Yingsak picked up dolls and raised them as his children. Then the push doll came to life. as for the latest part.”Dome and Tum The Star“Come play with me in the story”sour and sweet” will be a prominent character in the story I think that it should be used to make a separate movie.

There are many other things in mind. I have been planning for more than 2 years. It’s about the future when I have a chance to do it.

  • In each movie, there are often “great jokes, famous phrases” that the audience likes. Where did these jokes come from?

really like a pearl Scolding the doll. Who killed Araya? Get out of my house. These pearls were not thought to be popular. It was a very coincidence.

The way he works when filming movies is Let the actors say what he said at that time. Remember to put them in your head and play. Actors must be very good at playing. because you have to think of the next chapter Which one plays well? which one is out of topic It’s not good, it doesn’t cut it.

  • Many voices criticized the movie with low grades without scripts.

Don’t say “no chapterThis is not correct, because without the script, no director will be able to make a movie. Otherwise, it won’t be able to piece together the story line. When filming, we have a plot in our minds and put it in our mouths to the actors. But the movie Hor Taew will crack.No scripts, no speech dialogs to recite.

Some people say “Oh, I don’t want to play a movie” To be honest, people who play movies with me must be very good. because I received the words that I gave for a moment then have to play for a long time Come try it and you’ll know it’s hard. Must be able to solve specific problems If you can play, you will be good.

Personally, I’m a director who is good at making movies in this genre, similar to Wong Kar-wai. This thing is not interpreted as right or wrong, but I’ve made a scripted movie and felt that it wasn’t as fun as this. is personal preference And it’s even harder to make it out.

  • What would you like to pass on to the viewers?Taew Tower is brokenThe latest part will be released

Try to open your mind and leave your brain before watching. I’ve been stressed all year. COVIDIt beats all of us in all circles. Now it’s time for us to ask for some back from the covids. Hor Taew Taek is broken. I want you to look at it as a fun story. No more stress from the things that we have to face every day. This part is guaranteed definitely relieve stress

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