Open the depths of Mr. Baifern. This love, Father arranges for Ann Lerkuk to respond to the Department of resentment. The young man swears he doesn’t know.

Revealing the origin of the fan zone until it became big news Open the depth of the relationship Mr. Baifern Love that this father arranges for Ann Lerkuk to respond to the events in the drama Khaen Num Kanchai swearing that he does not know.

move into the fan zone This work has become a relationship issue. Baifern Pimchanok with a partner Napat After a close person like Young Kanchai who respect each other like father and son He came out to reveal that Baifern will have a partner like Win Methwin, who is a son and Nai is the eldest son. How can Win get into a jinx with his sister-in-law? Also, the status of Mr. Baifern puts an end to the way of friends. Go ask the man.

By Date 24 November 22 Young Kanchai It was also emphasized on the midday program in time for the relationship between Mr. Naphat and Baifern, saying, ‘I will say that, there is nothing, go and see for yourself, take it easy as I know. When he said that, he said I say I say. let them speak for themselves Perhaps he has changed his status. let it speak for itself They might start counting one thing and go see for yourself. Wait, many people will come and say why come and say it, let him say it himself or not? Well, here and there you have to understand some things.She could not give birth naturally. Dad had to help.

Then, in the Nodes trend program, Young Kanchai asked Ann Thongprasom on this matter Do you know about fern leaves and you? The girl Ann even laughed and said that “This is twisting it. You are responsible for what you preface. you have to say The point is that Ann wants to know too.”

On the young side, Kanchai asked if that was even the case “Swear you don’t know?” “Have popcorn, listen, take responsibility for what happened. Take responsibility too. “Kanchai said that even He locked where Ann was sitting by accident. Ann added that he was responsible for what had happened, Kanchai replied that he would be responsible for himself. Ann must understand people when they are pricked in the fingers. It cannot be expressed alone. It must have been noted by someone.

In this work, while waiting for the hero and heroine to open their hearts fresh news online he went in search of information along with revealing the story behind the relationship between Naphat and Baifern Pimchanok After the two decided to promote the status from the friend zone to the fan zone, but feared that there would be drama to follow. so it became the origin of such stories As for the details of this love affair, when did it happen? we have to wait to hear from both of them soon that both of them will go to the event

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