Open the door to the world of the future with “Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2022: Road to Web3”

Supakrit Bunsart Mr The President of the Thai Digital Asset Association said Thai Digital Asset Association is one of the organizations driving Thailand into a new era of digital assets. expecting the association to be part of educating those interested in the industry. Currency (Cryptocurrency) understands Blockchain Technology (Blockchain) and also promotes entrepreneurs in Thailand to apply blockchain technology to effectively apply in business.

therefore Thai Digital Asset Association and a group of companies Cryptomind Therefore, there is a collaboration to organize a national blockchain event with Blockchain Thailand Genesis for the 5th year under the name “Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2022: Road to Web3 – presented by 100X and Bitazza” between 26-27 November 2022 at Royal Paragon Hall, 5th Floor, Siam Paragon Shopping Center This year’s event is bigger than every year. the entire event space Various types of work Gathering celebrities in the industry Currency a Blockchain Over 80 leading Thai and international people joined in the discussion, the discussion and shared information on more than 30 sessions on each of the 3 stages within the event and participated in fun activities. Win many more prizes, including more than 11 sessions of well-chosen quality workshops, and more than 40 booths from leading companies participating in the exhibition throughout 2 days.

Open the door to the world of the future with work

For this year Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2022 It is held under the theme Road to We3 by Web 3.0 or the future of the internet world without intermediaries is a future website design concept that envisions a new era of a smarter internet. New technologies are used. gathering information in the network to be a data store of the world without an intermediary Open for everyone to help each other to take care of information (Blockchain) and this is the cornerstone of Currency, DeFi, Metaverse and NFT

Sanchai Popli Mr CEO, Cryptomind Advisory Co, Ltd and Advisor to the Thai Digital Asset Association As the main organizer of the Blockchain Thailand Genesis event, he added that in 2021, the total market value of digital asset market Used to reach about 3 trillion dollars. There is a crypto project. Developed and built on many new As a result, investors around the world tend to be interested in investing in alternative assets such as Currency more, including money from various financial institutions also flowing into the asset industry. So, what will lead to more large-scale adoption of Blockchain What will be the direction of the digital asset market this year and next year? Come and find out the answer at the event “Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2022 : Road to Web3 – presented by 100X and Bitazza”

Open the door to the world of the future with work

Mr. Sanchai went on to say that we raised experienced people throughout the 2 days of the event. And world-class speakers for more than 100 Thai people, be it Supakrit Boonsat, President of the Thai Digital Asset Association, Sanchai Popli of Cryptomind Group, Jarintorn Thitadilok of GuildFi, Kan Nithi Thongthanakul of Merkle Capital, Dr Natee Thepphot of Block The Mountain, Adiruj Nithilertwiwat of 100X, Kawin Pongpandecha of Bitazza, Sittinut Harueanpuet of Inspex, Puttiporn Hongsurakul of Bitkub Chain, Thanasak Kritsanaseranee of XSpring Digital, Kampanat Vimolnot of KX Venture Investment, Apinya KuXtawaz Puttiporn of La Inspex, Puttiporn, Puttiporn, Thanasak Kritsanaseranee of XSpring Digital, Kampanat Vimolnot of KX Venture Investment, Apinya KuXthaktaw As Puttiporn, Puttiporn, Puttiporn. , CFA from Vuca Digital, Ajarn Piriya Samphantharak from, Palakorn Yodchomyan from Kulab and world-class speakers such as Sean Hwang from MARBLEX, Minh Ho from Coin98, Giang Tran from Aura Network and Kris Kay from CGame (Meta Utopia) .

Open the door to the world of the future with work

There are 11 quality workshops with experts who will share complete secrets about this event not to be missed for this event Blockchain, Digital Asset, NFT a Metaverse to step-by-step investment planning, as well as exclusive from leading companies such as Bitazza, Merkle Capital, Inspex, TokenX, Crown Token, Thailand Local Bitcoin Community, Bitkub Chain, Coral and Cryptomind Advisory.

The organizers are full of prizes from many sponsors booths, such as iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPad Pro, Apple Watch Series 8, Airpods Pro 2 and Paragon Gift Voucher. Crypto must have things like Hardware Wallet, KASIKORN X Powerbank, KUB Coin, Bitcoin Standard Book with signature of Ajarn Piriya and Han Peerapat, Cryptomind Research book, GuildFi Notebook, as well as other coins and rewards. to hunt for much more

Open the door to the world of the future with work

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