Open the first look “Ingfah Waraha” walks to show the zodiac sign as a queen

Fans of the beauty queen, including the news team Kom Chad Luek Entertainment still clinging to the edge of the stage Miss Grand International 2022 From the beginning until now, the judging round will start at 19:00 today (25 October 2022) at the Sentul International Convention Center in Jakarta, Indonesia. before going to start the round Miss Grand International 2022 final has opened the BLACK CARPET stage around the black carpet on the occasion of celebrating 10 years since Miss Grand International 2022

latest favourite beauty queen of love Thai people, including people around the world “Ingfa Waraha” Had him in a black evening dress looking like a queen, charming everyone. The equation remains very much “Ingfa Waraha” rising to show itself in the previous round Miss Grand International 2022 final ready to say “Thanks for cheering. Thank you for your love and support always. make us have Effect Today I can bring home the first crown.”

called after “Ingfa Waraha” Show yourself in this look beauty queen of love They were amazed by the beauty of the dress. And I like each other because of this look, including the design of the dress. want to convey equality because many people are afraid of coloring like this

"Ingfa Waraha"

"Ingfa Waraha"

However, the news team Kom Chad Luek Entertainment Still keeping up with every move on stage Miss Grand International 2022 final and beauty queen fans can win And join in cheering and following various activities from all Youtube channels: Grand TV, Facebook: Miss Grand Thailand, Miss Grand International, Instagram: missgrandthailand, missgrandinternational and TikTok # From now on, only grand has every area #1 step in Thailand #WeAREGRANDthe1and Only

"Ingfa Waraha"

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