Open the latest page, Nong Wirin, whom the elders immediately saw and greeted at the age of 3 months.

There are brothers and sisters who have fallen in love since they were born. For Weir Sukonwat’s daughter Kanarot-Vicky Phimonya’s “Nong Wirin”, we see a cute moment. and the development of Nong Wirin constantly through her parents’ Instagram and

Father Weir reveals the image of lovingly holding his daughter. Ready to enter a message that says “Yay, my child is 3 months old. May Wirin be strong, healthy, in a good mood, happy like this in every growth. Father and mother love you the most @ wylyn.vw19 @vikkiiexplorer” the younger he is 3 months old, the more he grows up, the more he is greeted as a foreigner

In this event, the siblings, fans, liked and commented on the cuteness and said ‘So cute, so cute, so disgusting, just like a foreigner, my friend, Papa’s beautiful daughter. Good health, grow up fast, there are children who secretly stick their tongues out, dad, I’m three months old actually, yes, cute and disgusting, etc.’


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