Open the list to slap the Thai national team girl through 2 games, Volleyball Nations League, field 3

list “Women’s Volleyball” Thai national team at Volleyball Association of Thailand Announcing the list of players in the competition Week 3, field 3 Volleyball Nations League 2022 VNL 2022 competes in Bulgaria.

1. Pornphan Kerdprach (Team Captain) (S no .3)
2. Sirima Manakij (S no. 23)
3. Piyanuch Pannoi (L no .2)
4. Supattra Pairot (L no. 20)
5. Hattaya Bamrungsuk (MB no.12)
6. Jarasporn Banrasak (MB no .9)
7. Kaewkalaya Kamuntala (MB no.15)
8. Thichakorn Boonlert (MB no. 24)
9. Atcharaporn Kongyot (OH no. 18)
10. Chatchuon Moksri (OH no. 19)
11. Sutatta Chuawoolim (OH no. 14)
12. Sasiphaporn Chanthavisut (OH no. 25)
13. Pimpitchaya Kokram (OP no.16)
14. Thanatcha Suksod (OP no. 21)

Player list “Women’s Volleyball” Thai National Team In the match, passed 2 matches of volleyball. Nations League 2022 29 Jun Thai national team meet south korea national team By Thailand defeating South Korea 3-0 set, the players consist of Jaratporn Bansak, Chatchuon Moksri, Pornphan Kerdprach, Pimpitchaya Kokram, Atcharaphon Kongyot and Hatthaya Bamrungsuk, with a Libe position. Aro is Piyanuch Pannoi. As for the competition on June 30 Thai national team Losing the Dominican national team 3-1, a set of players consisting of Chatchuon Moksri, Jarasporn Bansak, Pimpitchaya Kokram, Pornphan Kerdprach, Hattaya Bamrungsuk and Acharaporn Kongyot, with a Libe position. Aro is Piyanut Pannoi

However, the defeat ofThai national team to dominican national team This raises questions in the social media area as to the style of play. including the competition through the page of Volleyball Association of Thailand such as tutoring the coach Anyone who can’t play should learn to change. reserve in the stall I don’t use anything, every time I wear white, I always lose to the team at the bottom of the table. Very confused, what is the weakness of Thailand in every era is the defensive game. Whether it’s blocking or receiving a slap Seeing players who are tall and slapping hard every time there is a problem. To say that it’s because of the shape is probably not entirely correct. Because Japan has already shown that although it is small But the big man slapping the points is not easy. In addition, he turned the big man upside down. I would like to take the example of the Japanese team to develop the new generation of children in the game. Whether it’s blocking, receiving a hit, standing on a dead leg.

smash, smash, smash, smash, play hard, play The first ball can be obtained. set in hand And serving the ball must be certain. focus on serving and must see which opponent is weak about receiving the first ball Must be witty and read the game of the opponent. Unfortunately, our Thai team doesn’t have any tall players, about 190 or more in the team, 2 people, if there is, I can guarantee that every team can fight !! I’m rooting for all Thai girl slappers to do their best!!! , playing too fast The children in the team are not used to it. in a match against the Dominicans It can be seen that the athlete can’t hit the ball at all. It’s better to play the first match.


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Thailand women’s national volleyball team who are excited to do work To enter the final 8 teams Volleyball Nations League 2022 VNL2022 by the Thai national team has a program to meet the Brazilian national team and the Italian national team, respectively.


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