Open the number of voters to fix the Laksi-Chatuchak MPs, found 167,287 eligible people

before the day Election to repair MPs Bangkok, District 9 Laksi-Chatuchak Let’s explore the numbers voter together by reporters reporting that the election of members of the House of Representatives (MPs) in Bangkok Election at 9 Lak Si – Chatuchak (Only Lat Yao, Chankasem, Senanikom) instead of the vacant position On Sunday, Jan. 30, 65 from reviewing data from Election Commission (Election Commission) It was found that the number of polling stations, the population and the number of voters

Information as of 26 Jan. 65 found that Laksi Thung Song Hong Sub-District and Talad Bang Khen Subdistrict have a population Total 100,534 people by Thung Song Hong Subdistrict voter 60,973 people all polling stations 91 units Talat Bang Khen Subdistrict 22,739 voters all polling stations 31 units

Chatuchak District, Ladyao Subdistrict, Chankasem District and Sena Nikhom have a population Total 99,043 people Lat Yao District, 34,420 voters, 68 polling stations in total, Senanikom District 17,334 voters, 31 polling stations, Chankasem Subdistrict 31,821 voters, 59 polling stations But when combining the population of both districts, it was found that the total population 199,577 people, 167,287 voters polling station Total 280 units



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