Open the picture! Japan faces severe blizzard

Kansai Electric Power, Japan’s second-largest electric utility company, said today (Dec 27) that residentsJapanMore than 3,200 families in the central region of the country have no electricity due tosnowcontinued to rise overnight

MrHirokazu Matsuno, Japanese government spokesman It said there were no confirmed reports of any injuries or deaths. due to cold weather

sudden low pressure in winter It occurs in most areas along the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan. From the north to the west of Japan while some areas in central Japan sufferheavy snowIt is unprecedented,” Matsuno said, adding that snowfall is expected to increase tomorrow. People still need to be more careful.

NHK television reported that the main road inShiga regionIt was cut off due to rising snow levels, causing cars to be unable to run and stuck for several kilometers.

Open the picture!  Japan faces severe blizzard

In addition, some traffic routes are not working. When a truck skidded nearHikone City Snow levels have reached 68 cm in the last 24 hours and are expected to increase by more than 30 times this morning on average.

Meanwhile, more than 200 passengers on intercity trains were stranded in the deadly snowfall overnight.

However, domestic flightsJapanIt has canceled about 130 flights on Sunday. Due to this snow event

Open the picture!  Japan faces severe blizzard



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