Home Entertainment Open the portal. Ta Harit. The pump boy is so handsome that it’s viral. Reveal the truth, great profile!

Open the portal. Ta Harit. The pump boy is so handsome that it’s viral. Reveal the truth, great profile!

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According to the child, the pump is handsome. Good work. People share it until it goes viral. You know who it is.. ? Open the portal. Ta Harit sees a picture of the staff refueling. In fact, the profile is not ordinary.

The social world has a lot to share with the image of a young man with a good job pumping gas for customers. Tall figure, good knee length, white aura skin, although shared is a picture while refueling. Just seeing this, the girls’ radar knows that they are definitely handsome. Until now, oil will be expensive. But if it’s good for your heart like this Many people say that they want to fill the tank completely.

Latest (October 29, 2021) Piggy dot com to investigate the history of this young man to know when he smells good. Let me tell you, my profile is not normal. In addition, many people may have seen some already referred to. because he used to compete in famous programs as well

Open a young man’s warp gas station

Ta Harit Krungkanchana, a young man from Suphanburi province, height 189 centimeters, graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in chemical engineering. Faculty of Engineering King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

Ta has a passion for the modeling industry. and with a tall and airy figure as the original capital Make the person interested and have participated in the stage contest. Dutch Boy and Girl in 2013 and participated in the competition in the famous program The Face Men Thailand in both Season 1 of 2017 and Season 2 of 2018

The part that sees the picture of the person wearing a PTT gas station worker’s uniform, in fact, is not working as a refueling child at all. But I learned that it was a project for public relations of PTT Station and the actual position that I was doing was not doing merit. The district manager of the PTT gas station ever, plus now it’s like a presenter of PTT to do more media for the company.

However, if you want to follow to see the lifestyle and good work of Ta Harit, click to follow at this warp…

Facebook : Harich Krungkarnchana Discussed to share various news and post pictures very often. Either it’s a chill look on a weekday, a neat, cool look, or will it be as handsome as oppa? including activities on the working day

Instagram : guitarharich but not many pictures which the person stated in his profile that Sorry, I’m new to ig, but even then, it has more than 7 thousand followers.

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