Open the program shin duel Battle of the 4 Jaturamits

4 Football fight Sao Jaturamit, opening the program to fight the shin, starting for 6 days, ending on October 20

Vice Chancellor Dr Jaruwat Satyanurak, Vice President of KU Chiang Mai gave the green light for KU Chiang Mai, the mother of the event to organize 4 teams of Chaturamit football before the start of the U-League 11 game in November, the 4 senior education football teams in Chiang Mai Duel Football Chaturamit Pri Yu League Chiang Mai on 14 September to 20 October, 2022 in preparation for the 2022 Chiang Mai U-League Football Tournament to be held in November 2022. football game. and volleyball

Assistant Professor Boonchai Lertpiriyachaikul… The Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education, KU Chiang Mai, revealed that he was the coordinator in organizing the competition. Chaturamit Football Pri U League 2022 Chiang Mai has 4 teams joining Chiang Mai University (10th champion), Maejo University (former champion), Chiang Mai University and North-Chiang Mai University Chaturamit 4 team Dr Cup football match Jaruwat Satyanurak .. Vice President from KU Chiang Mai, home away competition Which team has the best performance to win the championship? But if the scores are equal, there will be an immediate final.

On September 22, 65, the first named team is the host at 4:00 PM Maejo University hosts Chiang Mai University, Maejo University Stadium, 4:00 PM Chiang Mai Sports University hosts North-Chiang Mai University, Singha Stadium, North University, Chiang Mai National Guard

On 29 September 65, 16.00 น KU, Chiang Mai receives Maejo University, Sing Nuea Stadium at 4:00 PM North receives Chiang Mai University, North-Chiang Mai University.
On October 6, 65, 16.00, North University opens the house to receive Maejo University, North University Stadium
4:00 pm Chiang Mai University opens home to host KU, Chiang Mai, CMU field

On October 13, 65, Chiang Mai University opens the house to receive Maejo University, CMU field at 4:00 pm On October 20, 65, Maejo University opens the house for Chiang Mai University, Maejo University Stadium at Chiang University Stadium May, open house to receive North University Competition time 90 minutes, can change 7 people Name 25 footballers, staff, 5 coaches

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