Open the property “Dr. Ae”, the candidate for the governor of Bangkok, the Democratic Republic of the People’s Democratic Republic, rich 342 million baht, including luxury houses, lots of shares

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has released assets of “Suchatchawee”, the candidate for the Bangkok governor of the Democratic Party, rich at 342 million, including a luxury house, a large number of shares, 35 million in debt.

Today (December 29), the NACC reveals the list of assets and liabilities of Mr. Suchatwee Suwansawat. In the event that the rector of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) completes 3 years before resigning to prepare to run for the governor of Bangkok On behalf of the Democratic Party, by Mr. Suchachwee and Mrs. Switta, spouse and underage children, said that they have total assets of 342,115,365 baht, total liabilities of 35,193,506 baht, of which 141,729,034 baht is the property of Mr. Suchatvee separately. 1 hundred thousand baht in cash, 9 accounts, 5,335,070 baht, investment in various stocks 19,393,964 baht, such as DMT shares 2,540,000 baht, BCPG shares 5,814,000 baht, CG-LTP, long-term corporate governance fund, 1,689,564 baht, 3 plots of land in Sisa Subdistrict. little crocodile Samut Prakan Province 32.1 million baht Houses and buildings which are homes and commercial buildings, totaling 65,000,000 baht, of which there is a 2-storey house at Sisa Chorakhe Noi Subdistrict, Bang Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan Province, which Mr. Suchatwee said, built himself, worth 35 million baht, vehicles 2.8 million baht, which is a Triumph motorcycle worth 3 hundred thousand baht and a Porsche car of 2008 worth 2.5 million baht, 8 million baht rights and concession, which is the copyright of the book and many patent applications, such as the book “Think Different, Make Changes” worth 1 million baht, the book “Tunnel Engineering” worth 1 million baht, the book “Tunnel Construction Technology” worth 1 million baht, and other assets 9 million baht, such as Cufflihks embedded with a pair of diamonds. Hundred thousand baht, gold-encrusted amulet with 2 gold necklaces, 1.4 million baht, 24 guns, 9 hundred thousand baht, 30 watches, 6.1 million baht, 26,788,914 baht in debt from banks and other financial institutions.

In which Mr. Suchatwee reported income and expenses per year approximately 18,704,870 baht, divided into salary 1,410,870 baht, position allowance 5,094,000 baht, meeting allowances and bonuses 5.5 million baht, book sales and copyright 3.2 million baht, lecture fees and special tutoring 3.5 million baht. baht total expenses 3,753,600 baht

As for Mrs. Suwita, she has total assets of 200,386,331 baht, divided into 8 hundred thousand baht in cash, 8 account deposits 14,425,524 baht, investments in shares of 33,973,104 baht, such as OneD2 Group Company Limited, worth 14,849,000 baht, Transcode Company Limited, 8,870,000 baht, Phatra Con. Structuring and Development Co., Ltd. 3.5 million baht, ASW shares 3,691,980 baht, loans 16,807,702 baht, houses and buildings which are commercial buildings and houses in Lat Krabang area, total 30 million baht, vehicles 8.7 million baht. It is a BMW 740le xDrive Plug-in Hybrid worth 5.5 million baht, a BMW 320I f30 worth 1.5 million baht and a TOYOYA MAJESTY van worth 1.7 million baht. Other assets are 95,680,000 baht, such as 22 diamond rings, 9.03 million baht, ruby, sapphire, topaz, and emerald rings. Surrounded by 19 diamonds, 2.45 million baht, 3 diamond jewelry sets, 6.7 million baht, 19 gold pendants and diamond pendants, 2.17 million baht, 26 watches, 12.1 million baht, gold bars 46.50 baht, 18 bars, 1.3 million baht, 34 branded bags, 4,139,000 baht, gold coins. and commemorative coins of Rama 4, Rama 5, Rama 8, Rama 9 and Somdej Ya 13 sets of 2.35 million baht, decorated amulets 115 gold pieces, 33.49 million baht, debt 8,404,591 baht

As for income and expenses per year, Mrs. Switta said that there are approximately 7.6 million baht, divided into salaries 1.2 million baht, meeting allowances and bonuses of 2 hundred thousand baht, lecture and tutoring fees of 1 million baht, stock trading 5 million baht, dividends. 2 hundred thousand baht, total expenses 1,626,784 baht, while underage children have total expenses of 1.2 hundred thousand baht, which are personal expenses



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