Open the recipe for 10 Thai herbs, another alternative to relieve covid symptoms.

Open the recipe for 10 Thai herbs, another alternative to relieve covid symptoms.

On May 20, 2022 Pol.K.Nattaphasut Phatthirasinsiri Secretary General of the Biotechnology Industry Group The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) said about Thai herbs that help in caring and alleviating the symptoms of COVID-19 patients that Thai herbs are wisdom that has been around for a long time. The use of herbs to treat COVID-19 is an alternative medicine Suitable for those who are infected with the green group such as Andrographis paniculata. It has been on the national list of major drugs since 1999 for the treatment of sore throats and flu. Together, there are research results for the treatment of COVID-19 in both Thailand and China. However, the use of Andrographis paniculata to treat covids requires a larger dose than the common flu, which is a substance ain. More than 180 mg of drografolides per day, eg 4 tablets 3 times a day, for up to 5 days continuously.

Pol.Kor.Nattaphasut said For herbs other than Andrographis paniculata that help the body’s immune system are Kaempferia In vitro studies have shown that it reduces the virus entering cells by 99.5 percent. ginger Test results in China, India found that it helps prevent infection from entering cells. reduce inflammation and increase immunity, and Turmeric very interesting It is a spice that we already use. There have been experiments in foreign countries in the form of herbal medicine formulas such as cupola.

“However, using other herbs, such as shallots, are aromatic vapors that help relieve symptoms. But it’s not a cure. with exercise Get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. It is the best thing to strengthen immunity against disease,” said Ph.K.Nattapasut.

side Dr. Kanat Kruthakul, MD. President of the Confederation of Health and Elderly Workers Association said that for the use of herbs to relieve sickness. It is a Thai wisdom that has been around for a long time. because it is an easy to find herb Or you can grow your own, such as shallots, which have properties that help make breathing easier and clearer. Used to treat cold symptoms. Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has recommended the use of herbs in the situation of COVID-19. with the aim of alleviating symptoms But it is not recommended for direct treatment of disease. Because there is no clear clinical research data on the treatment of the disease.

Dr. Kanat said that In the case of young patients without any underlying disease mild symptoms Herbs can be used to take care of the symptoms of the disease such as Andrographis paniculata. Help reduce flu symptoms, gooseberry, help cough, etc. However, if the patient has more symptoms, it is still necessary to consult a doctor for diagnosis and use the appropriate medication.

“At present, although there is no information that Any herb can treat COVID-19, but in mild cases, herbs can be used in combination or as an alternative to alleviate symptoms caused by COVID-19,” Dr. Kanat reiterated.

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