Home World Open the refrigerator and pour the chocolate milk… Bear breaking into house ‘Sweet and bloody stealing’ [영상]

Open the refrigerator and pour the chocolate milk… Bear breaking into house ‘Sweet and bloody stealing’ [영상]

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A video of a wild bear in California, USA, leisurely leaving after rummaging through the kitchen of a house is a hot topic.

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According to local media such as CBS Sacramento on the 30th of last month (local time), Alan and Melissa Bryant, who live in Nevada City, woke up around 5 am on the 28th with the sound of a door breaking.

As her husband, Alan, stepped out of the bedroom to assess the situation, what she encountered was a large black bear. The bear looked at Alan for a moment and then wandered around the house. His wife, Melissa, took advantage of this opportunity and hurriedly hid into the bedroom with only the cat in the living room.

A bear who broke into a house in Nevada City on the 28th (local time) is eating a cookie. [CNN]

After reporting to the rescue team, Allen opened the door to the house so that the bear could get out and lured him with a head lantern. But what the bear was interested in was the chocolate milk in the refrigerator and the sweets in the kitchen.

“I hoped the bear would get out of the house,” Melissa recalled in an interview with the local press, but the bear sat down and turned the kitchen into a dining room for him.

After that, Bear and Bryant’s uncomfortable cohabitation continued for about 20 minutes. The full-bodied bear naturally went out of the house. When the bears left, the Bryants called the rescue team again to cancel the rescue call to prevent the bears from being killed.

“The bear was one of the best guests we had,” Melissa said. “It’s nature and it’s where the bear lives. I didn’t want to hurt him,” he said.

In response to the incident, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said “there is a growing occurrence, with bears scouring garbage for food,” and that “food and waste must be kept outside.

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