Home Health Open the statistics of COVID-19 Only 25% of the infection is from the cluster, the rest is infected by individuals and families.

Open the statistics of COVID-19 Only 25% of the infection is from the cluster, the rest is infected by individuals and families.

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Open the statistics of COVID-19 Only 25% of the infection is from the cluster, the rest is infected by individuals and families. The number of treatments for COVID-19 continues to increase. Staying in hospital, returning to over 20,000 cases, severe symptoms increased to 1.8 thousand

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On June 29, 64, Dr. Taweesin Witsanuyothin, spokesman for the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (BDC), announced the daily situation of COVID-19 that Thailand has 4,662 new cases, of which 4,624 are infected in the country. 10 came from prisons and 28 came from overseas.

2,793 more recovered, 36 deaths, resulting in 254,515 cumulative infections, 205,064 cumulative recoveries, 1,970 cumulative deaths, 47,481 in treatment, 20,732 in hospitals, 26,749 in field hospitals, 1,846 in critical condition. Of these, 527 were required to be on a ventilator.

“Most of the infected people are working age. The age range is between 20-39 years old because they have to leave home to work and travel. Now the vaccine is given to the elderly who do not have many Get vaccinated early to reduce serious illness and bed use. As for the working age group, many places have to be controlled, so various measures have been taken,” Dr. Taweesilp said. As for the infected, 28 people come from abroad, including Saudi Arabia and South Africa, one per country, and Cambodia, 26, through natural channels, eight.

Dr Taweesilp said Of the 36 deaths, 19 were from Bangkok, 19 in Nonthaburi, 7 in Nakhon Pathom, Chiang Rai, 2 in Lop Province, Samut Sakhon, Samut Prakan, Chon Buri, Songkhla, Prachin Buri and Samut Songkhram, 1 each, of which 20 were males, 16 females, the lowest age 41 years, the maximum 93 years. Middle age 67.5 years, similar chronic disease, diabetes, high blood pressure The highest risk factor was family, the hospital stay was 9 days, the longest was 52 days.

“In epidemiological Infected people look at the numbers in the service system. Proactive search. Infections from various clusters, communities, factories, with minor infections. family touch There was a question of what caused it. It was found that 25% or 1 in 4 came from the cluster, but 3 in 4 came from the individual in the family. Measures released in large clusters It’s managed in one group. but small measures when coming home Must take good care of personal hygiene,” said Dr. Taweesin.

The top 10 provinces are infected with more than 100 cases to 9 provinces, namely: 1.Bangkok 1,692 cases, 70,993 cumulative cases, 2.Samut Prakan 647 cases, 16,569 cumulative cases, 3.Samut Sakhon 293 cases, 7,710 cumulative cases, 4.Nonthaburi 185 cases, 11,109 cumulative cases.

5. Songkhla 182 cases, accumulated 4,288 cases 6. Pathum Thani 180 cases, accumulated 7,715 cases 7. Nakhon Pathom 168 cases, accumulated 4,090 cases 8. Chonburi 146 cases, accumulated 8,216 cases 9. Pattani 143 cases, accumulated 2,109 cases, and 10. Yala 89 cases, accumulated 1,733 cases

“Trends of each province Bangkok tends to increase steadily. Nonthaburi, mostly found from people who come to receive services at the hospital, but the trend is not very high. Pathum Thani is still stable. Samut Prakan is clearly rising. Please help all establishments, factories, construction camps. As for Samut Sakhon, it was declining, but June has always been rising,” Dr Taweesin said, adding that Bangkok has 106 clusters, of which there are 96 clusters in 14 days, no new infections in 14 days, 10 clusters, while there are no new cases for more than 28 days, totaling 26 clusters.

While the cumulative COVID-19 vaccination was 28 Feb. – 28 Jun, the cumulative injection was 9,416,972 doses, divided into the first dose of 6,721,038 and the second dose of 2,695,934.

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