Open the statistics of Thai girls hitting Japan. Thailand has won but 3 times after losing.

The 2022 AFC Women’s Football Championship in India hosts a selection of teams for the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. co-host in which Asia has a quota of 5+1+2 teams (5 teams qualify automatically +1 Australia, World Cup hosts +2 play-offs with different zones)

In which the stage of the 2022 Asian Championships has progressed to the quarter-finals, it is considered an important round that will be the decisive factor to win the 2023 World Cup tickets. Whoever wins this game will immediately qualify for the World Cup finals.

As for the losing team, they have to go through other conditions. The key variable, whether difficult or easy, depends on how Australia, representing Asia as the World Cup hosts, performs in this round. If you win, go to the semi-finals Will give teams that lose in the quarter-finals, 4 teams, have a chance to go to the World Cup for all 4 teams, automatic 2 teams and play-offs 2 teams, but if Australia stumbles in the quarter-finals, 3 teams other than Australia will come to play. Meet them all for 1 automatic ticket and 2 play-off tickets.

for the Thai national team The quarterfinals go through to meet with the Japanese team. World Championship degree 2011 and Asian Championship 2014,2018 on 30 Jan 65, regardless of how wide the chances of qualifying are. Football has to be serious about what is in front of it because it will measure the standards of the football department’s work team how much they care. with what has been done before

This is the statistics that the Thai women’s football team meets Japan in the Asian Championships in the past 41 years. 4 times Thailand has won 1 and lost 4. The last victory they met in this tournament has to go back to 41 years ago.

Statistics Thailand vs Japan in the Asian Championships

11 Jun 1981 Thailand 2-0 Japan (first round)

Dec 21, 1986 Thailand 0-4 Japan (Semifinals)

November 8, 1999, Thailand 0-9, Japan (first round)

22 May 2010 Thailand 0-4 Japan (first round)

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