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Open the Thai League program for the 10th match. “Coach Jar” emphasizes that “Port Authority” does not underestimate “Chonburi”.

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On October 28, 2021 at 1:00 PM, Thai League Company Limited, together with Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, organized an online press conference Revo Thai League Meet the press before the Revo Thai League 2021/22 season, the 10th match between the Port Authority. FC meets Chonburi FC up

For this press conference, Dusit Chalermsaen, head coach of Port FC and Saum Phopprasert, head coach of Chonburi FC joined to discuss readiness before this match.

Dusit Chalermsaen, Port Authority FC manager, said: “The past cup game was a game that we wanted to win anyway. We do not rotate a lot. Some of the main characters like Suarez or Thanaboon have just returned. Because Suarez has just been released from the ban, and Thanaboon has just recovered from an injury. so we let him down Both are doing well to some extent.”

“But such a game cannot be measured as a standard. because the team standards are different The last match we played at the rhythm of football. We also have all 5 substitutions in the second half so that everyone can experience the game. As for those who have just returned, they also want to be fit. We have good results, we are satisfied because we will be preparing to meet Chonburi FC as well.”

“Our main body is probably the first set we’ve used before. It’s not that this guy shoots 4-5 goals and gets it down. We’re probably using the best 11 first. It was during the game that we needed to change something. But playing at home, we hope for 3 points for sure.”

“We certainly do not underestimate Chonburi. They are in the blood transfusion era. but has a good performance I believe that Coach Tia will come here without any pressure. because he was already familiar with this place. He definitely came.”

“Actually, we haven’t looked at games across shots for months. We look at each game individually. I understand coming to do a team here. with high expectations from the budget used We understand both fans. both executives But sometimes there are incidents where the players are injured, some are banned, and the main players are not always ready to be the real ones. We have to switch players. We don’t want to look at the program until next month. Let’s focus on the Chonburi game first, and then gradually move one game at a time. But we will do our best in every game to have a good performance.”

“I don’t know anything about the FA Cup statistics (won MBF Amphawa FC 22-1), just tell the players to play their best. will get a player rotation to meet with Chonburi and will be able to provide backups with some rising stars The result of the competition was in accordance with the goal. I came to know about the statistics later. But I believe the stats have already been broken. We wouldn’t take it as a standard. Let’s see how great we are. It’s not like that We have to look at each game one by one. must have resolution then like next month As I was asked if we had a heavy program how would it be? I believe that we should focus game on game first. must see how Has anyone else been hurt? Elias still hurts today. But fortunately, we have enough people to replace each other. I’m fine.”

“With the opportunity of Titathorn It’s possible that he will play more. Since Max (Chaturapat) went to the U-23 national team, now it’s Chopin’s chance to show off. If he does well he will get a chance Because of course, every coach will choose the best players. I made a team in this style. And I try to give everyone a chance to have a game. And if anyone can do it well Then I think he deserves a chance. He will get down. Kevin’s condition Now he has begun to train with the team in some programs. But since I talked to the medical team And the fitness coach, in less than a month we might see him back on the pitch.”

“I spoke to the president of the club. in terms of trading players Madame Pang asked if we wanted to change anything. But I was told to wait for Madame to come back from Mongolia first. then talk I believe there is still time I had to evaluate whether it was good or bad in the past. We will have time to think about what needs to be fixed. Or do I need to change something?”

“I am not sure if it is now open to more than 25 per cent of fans. But I want to come in to the full capacity as allowed Because I know that port fans can definitely motivate the team. and put pressure on competitors but may not put pressure on coach short because he has made history for the team and is a favorite of football fans I want this game to be a fun game. I think this game can be released 3 pages. I hope this game will entertain football fans. There is a defensive game, an offensive game and there is a score to refresh the Thai people. After facing hard times during covid I ask that you come to the full capacity.”

The program for the Revo Thai League 2021/22 Week 10 is as follows:

Saturday 30 October 2021

17.30 Suphanburi FC meets Khon Kaen United at the Central Stadium, Suphan Buri Province

Live broadcast via AIS PLAY

6:00 p.m. PT Prachuap FC meets Nakhon Ratchasima Mazda FC at Sam Ao Stadium

Broadcasting live on Thai Air Force Base 5 and AIS PLAY

18.00 Chiang Mai United meets BG Pathum United at the 700th Anniversary of Chiang Mai Stadium

Live broadcast on GMM 25 and AIS PLAY

19.00 Police Tero FC meets Leo Chiang Rai United at Bunyachinda Stadium

Live broadcast via AIS PLAY

Sunday October 31, 2021

18.00 True Bangkok United meets Nong Bua Pitchaya FC at True Stadium

Live broadcast on PPTV HD 36 and AIS PLAY

18.00 Port FC meets Chonburi FC at Pat Stadium

Live broadcast on GMM 25 and AIS PLAY

18.00 Samut Prakan City meets Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC at Samut Prakan Stadium

Broadcasting live on Thai Air Force Base 5 and AIS PLAY

19.00 Buriram United meets Muangthong United at Chang Arena.

Live broadcast via AIS PLAY

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