Open the timeline “Tsunami” from “Tonga” hit the coast of many countries in the South Pacific (clip)

It was an event that caused panic to people around the world. for the event “Tsunami” volcanichunga tonga hunga ha’apai This underwater volcanic eruption make an alarm “Tsunami” to many nations, which are islands in the South Pacific

On Friday 14 Jan 65 Volcanohunga tonga hunga ha’apai Located about 65 kilometers north of the capital Nuku’alofa, the first volcanic eruption occurred. causing a tsunami height of 30 centimeters and the tsunami warning was later cancelled.

Saturday 15 Jan 65 Volcanohunga tonga hunga ha’apai under the sea Another eruption occurred at 11:10 a.m. Thai time, with the new eruption lasting about 8 minutes, sending smoke, ash and smoke rising up to 20 kilometers into the sky. on the shore were asked to go up high

The latest eruption of a volcanohunga tonga hunga ha’apai Located about 65 kilometers north of the capital Nuku’alofa, it was so violent that thunder-like sounds were heard in Fiji. Which is located more than 800 kilometers away, but it’s good that there are no residents in the area at all.

after a volcanic eruption All internet in Tonga Contact was lost as of 6:40 p.m. local time on 15 Jan. ’65, presumably because the submarine cable was damaged.

by “Tsunami” This time it happened after the volcano.Hunga Tonga-Hanga Haapai under the sea 65 kilometers north of Nuku’alofa, Tonga, the country experienced a tsunami of up to 1.2 meters, which swept through the country on Jan. 15, 65, causing a tsunami to follow in the area.

The Island Business news agency from Fiji reported that A convoy of police cars and soldiers were seen escorting King Tupo VI to evacuate from the palace. located near the beach after the incident

same with Japan Meteorological Agencyissue a warning “Tsunami”For the southern Amami Islands and the Tokara Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture A 1.2 meter high tsunami will occur in the Kominato region of Amami Island. and is expected to have a tsunami as high as 3 meters swept into the coast by recommending that people live in coastal areas adjacent to the Pacific Ocean evacuate from the area to higher ground​

While it was reported thatNew Zealand and Australiahas issued a warning “Tsunami” An Australian government spokesman said the prime minister and foreign minister were closely monitoring the situation. and are ready to assist if requested.

Australian authorities have also issued a warning. “Tsunami” in the eastern coastal areas of the country including on the island of Tasmania There is also a public alert in New South Wales. Located in the east of the country, away from the sea and risk areas.

partnew zealandwhich is 2,300 kilometers from Tonga, the National Emergency Management Agency said. It is possible the coastal areas on the north and east of the North Island. may face unusually strong waves including unpredictable shore waves

laterUnited States of America It has warned people in coastal areas adjacent to the Pacific Ocean to stay away from the coast. because it might happen “Tsunami” This was the result of a volcanic eruption in the South Pacific that followed. In the United States, high waves were reported in areas from California to Alaska. The landfall ranges from 1.3-1 meters in height, while 2.7-1.6 feet in Hawaii has been reported.

after a volcanic eruption Videos have been circulating on social media showing massive waves washing ashore and devouring homes and buildings in Tonga, but there were no initial reports of injuries or damage.


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