Open the warp sweetheart ‘Nicoline’, MUT 2022’s favorite, son of ‘Prof. Dr. Nithi Mahanon’

Called intense every year for the search for a representative of Thailand to compete for the crown of Miss Universe with beautiful women from around the world. by this year’s contest Miss Universe Thailand 2022 (Miss Universe Thailand 2022) held under the concept ‘NEW BEGINNINGS’ or ‘towards a new dawn together’ on July 3, 2022, recently announced the results of the 30 finalists, one of that’s the favorite ‘Nicoline Limsnukan’ which has a degree 1st runner-up Miss World 2018 and the winner of the contest Miss Thailand World 2018 Come back to revenge again with beauty, ability and confidence until being able to compete for the Golden Tiara in the Keyword round, getting a ticket to the 30 final round of MUT 2022 being the first

MUT 16 Nicolene Limsnukan, Miss Universe Thailand 2022 contestant

Among the delight of the beauty queen fans, especially the ‘Team Nicolene’, another person in the social circle who cheered for Nicolene on the media was Prof. Dr. Nithi Mahanon Secretariat of the Royal College of Chulabhorn which posted a picture of Nicole through his personal Instagram say_mahanonda On the day of the Keyword Contest last Sunday “Please cheer up. Miss Universe Thailand 2022 today 17:30 qualifying for the final 30 finalists. You can watch live via True. For anyone who wants to watch it.”

MUT 2022

In addition, after Nicolene passed to the final 30, Doctor Nithi also posted a congratulatory message. “I have known this grandson for many years. I am amazed at his abilities, ideas, and determination. Few children sit and chat with me for a long time, exchanging ideas and having fun. Nicolene was a child born abroad. but is Thai humble and speak Thai well and use beautiful words like a beautiful face in Thai style And most importantly, I love Thailand very much and always love to help people who don’t have the opportunity. Please help to follow up.” with the end of the message with the name “Nithi”

MUT 2022

Most recently, today (July 5), Nicolene also posted a photo with a young man with a large bouquet of flowers of various colors to congratulate via IG. nicolene.pb with the message that

“Having a strong support system is the best thing you could ever ask for and I’ve been blessed to be supported by this one @guntapon.m thank you for the flowers naka p’gun! 🌸💐💕💕 my favorite color! Rukkkkk” (It’s best to have full support. And I feel fortunate to have the support of @guntapon.m. Thank you for the flowers, P’ Kan, my favorite color. I love you) which when you look back on your IG timeline, you’ll find that the picture has been posted. often coupled with his sweetheart

MUT 2022

for Kan-Kantaphon Mahanon He was the youngest of the two descendants of Prof.Dr. Nithi with Female dental professor, Dr. Rangsini Mahanon Faculty of Dentistry Chulalongkorn University Graduated with a bachelor’s degree with 2nd class honors in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Melbourne Australia Graduated with a master’s degree in Engineering and Finance from University College London (UCL), United Kingdom. Currently serving as Country Project Manager (Thailand) for renewable energy company Entoria Energy.

As for ‘Nicoline Limsnukan’, is a Thai woman of Thai-Chinese-American descent. Entered the beauty industry from the Miss Thai New Year USA 2014 pageant before being very successful in the beauty pageant in Thailand during the year 2018, including 10 finalists, Miss Universe Thailand 2018, winning the Miss Thailand pageant World 2018, including making history as the first Thai girl to receive the title of Vice Miss World and the 3rd Thai person who won the title of Continental Queen Asia (Queen of Asia) in the Miss World 2018 pageant

Back in March, Nicolene shared her appendectomy surgery experience. with both boyfriends standing beside him, not far away They are also well taken care of by Khun Nithi. Called to really support every moment.

Courtesy Photo of IG nicolene.pb, say_mahanonda

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