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Open up the “blocking point” of the silver-haired economy and let the elderly keep up with the digitalization

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Original title: Breaking through the “blocking points” of the silver-haired economy, allowing the elderly to keep up with digitalization

Let the elderly keep up with the pace of digital development, we can continue to expand the elderlyconsumptionmarket, To better promote the economic development of silver hair

Recently, the General Office of the State Council has issued a notice requesting that theservice, Daily travel, medical treatment, consumption and other aspects, to promote the attention andimproveIntelligent services for the elderly. This will not only allow the elderly to better share the fruits of informatization development, but also open up the “blocking points” and create favorable conditions for the development of the silver economy.

The silver economy is also called the elderly economy, which mainly refers to the economic activities related to the elderly, including daily consumption,Housekeeping, Health services, tourism and entertainment, education services, etc.National Bureau of StatisticsStatistics show that as of the end of last year, there were 254 million people aged 60 and over in my country.Over the years, with the improvement of living standards andConsumer attitudesThe consumer demand of many elderly people has changed significantly, and thequalityDiversification,personalityTrends such as globalization and facilitation have gradually moved from subsistence consumption toEnjoyment consumption, The development prospects of silver hair economy are broad.

at the same time,the InternetBig Dataartificial intelligenceWaitinformation TechnologyWidely used, intelligent services have profoundly changed ourjobslife. However, while many people enjoy the convenient Internet, some elderly people encounter various inconveniences in their daily lives due to their inability to operate smart phones. This not only affects the normal life of the elderly, but also restricts the development of the silver economy.

The Internet means equality, sharing and efficiency. Intelligent services were originally intended to allow technology to serve more people and enhance people’s life experience.However, in some people’s eyes, the Internet’s goalclientIs the younger generation, so inproductIn the design of services and services, the characteristics of young people are often taken into consideration and the demands of the elderly are ignored.

This situation is changing.Nowadays, some financial institutions increase their staff in branches with more elderly customers to provide traditional services; some communities specialize in providing intelligent technology counseling training courses for the elderly; sometrafficThe hub opens a special channel for the elderly…Many industries and institutions are providing more personalized services for the elderly.

Let the elderly better integrate into digital life and shareDigital economyAchievement is the common responsibility of the whole society and requires coordination and cooperation of all parties.Relevant government departments should encourageMarket playersProvide diversified services. Don’t allow related services to be overloaded on smartphones. On the other hand, we should also advocate the formation of an atmosphere of “helping the elderly adapt to smart life”, make good use of economic means, and provide innovative and innovative services to elderly customers. ResponsibleenterpriseGive appropriate support. Enterprises should increase their attention to the elderly, start from the needs of elderly users, simplify operating procedures and focus on information security. Communities and families should also pay attention to the elderly and help them adapt to digital life as soon as possible.

As my country enters an aging society, the consumption demand of the elderly continues to grow. Let the elderly keep up with the pace of digital development, we can continue to expand the elderly consumer market, better promote the development of the silver economy, and enable the elderly to enjoy digital life better.

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