open up! The officer made use of to inspect Mount B, but he did not know it was a pub. 18 victims were being killed | midday news in time

Confirmed with shots, the officer made use of to look at Mynydd B, but he did not know it was a pub.” Nong Mai”, 17 killed, a total of 18 bodies. #Tân tafarn #MountainB #PPTVHD36 #noon time #Significant information stories #Channel 36 #PPTVNews #PPTVStories #News currently Follow a lot more information on the web site. and social media channels Fb : Twitter : Instagram : pptvhd36 / Line :

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Unfold yet again! Will not know if it is really a pub? Despite the frequent inspections, a person much more victim of “Mountain B” was killed, like 18 victims.

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