open Vizhinjam Protest – Vizhinjam Protest

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ There are signs that the government and the Latin Archdiocese, which is leading the protest, are relaxing their stance on the Vizhinjam port issue. The cabinet sub-committee appointed for negotiations discussed the demands of the strike committee with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Ministers K. Rajan, V. Shivankutty, Antony Raju, V. Abdurahiman and Ahmed Devarkovil are members of the sub-committee.

Then the First Secretary VP Joy met with the Archbishop Dr. Thomas J. Neto and explained the government’s position. General Convener Mon said that the strike committee will make a decision after today’s meeting. Eugene H. Pereira informed.

It is learned that the strike committee and the cabinet sub-committee will hold a consultation today and if there is an agreement for a settlement, it will be discussed and announced in the presence of the prime minister.

The discussion continues today because there is no clarity on some of the demands raised by the strike committee.

These are the points of contention

There is a dispute regarding the strike committee’s call to appoint a committee to study coastal erosion. The committee is firm in its call to include fishermen in the committee. The demands of increasing the monthly rent from Rs 5500 to Rs 8000 for those who have lost their homes and withdrawing the cases filed in the name of conflict are also unclear. The government is of the opinion that the rent cannot be increased.

English Summary: Discussions to resolve the Vizhinjam protest


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