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Open wages for center-backs in the Premier League after Liverpool won Conate

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Open the wages ceiling for players in the center-back position of the Premier League team after Liverpool grabbed Ibrahima Konate to join the army.

Finally Liverpool Has announced to grab the Ibrahimakonate defenders after Leipzig came to the teamFootball programOfficially

Liverpool paid £ 34 million to pay off the contract for A star who has just dropped off France National Team Fighting Series Euro 2020 To go unfortunately It will sign a joint contract at Anfield until 2026.

As for the wages British media have reported that Liverpool are paying Conate 70,000 a week, which is not very expensive for the newly-established defense at the top of Europe. It is also less than many famous Premier League defenders.

Here is a list of the top 25 Premier League center-backs for the highest paid wages.

25. Issa Diop (West Ham): 67,000 per week

24.Willie Bolie (Wolves): 67,308 per week.

22. Ibrahima Conate (Liverpool): 70,000 per week

22. Angelo Okbonna (West Ham): 70,000 per week

20.Joe Gomez (Liverpool): 75,000 per week

20.Phil Jones (Manchester United): 75,000 per week

19.Ben Godfrey (Everton): 76,923 per week

15.Andres Christensen (Chelsea): 80,000 per week

15.Jonny Evans (Leicester): 80,000 per week.

15.Eric Baiyi (Manchester United): 80,000 per week

15.Toby Alderweireld (Spurs): 80,000 per week

14.Pablo Marie (Arsenal): 85,000 per week

13.Nathan Eke (Man City): 92,308 per week

9. Joel Matip (Liverpool): 100,000 per week

9.Antonio Rudiger (Chelsea): 100,000 per week

9. Madusago (Crystal Palace): 100,000 per week

9. John Stones (Man City): 100,000 per week

8.David Luiz (Arsenal): 100,962 per week

7. Thiago Silva (Chelsea): 110,000 per week

6. Rubendias (Man City): 115,385 per week

3. Victor Lindelöf (Manchester): 120,000 per week

3. Aymerick Laporte (Man City): 120,000 per week

3.Gerry mina (Everton): 120,000 per week

2. Harry Maguire (Manchester United): 162,775 per week.

1. Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool): 190,000 per week

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