Open warp Ploycha, a beautiful girl who nets targeting Oat Pramote’s new love

After remaining single for many years, the young singer finally appears Pramote Oats Will he fall back in love with the pink world again?? Recently, Young Oat brought a group of friends to go on vacation, pay homage to monks, and make merit in Macau, ready to make a Vlog for fans to follow.

which is in the clip, many people are secretly focused on a beautiful girl who keeps walking next to him I’m stuck with young oats all the time. There is also a photo shoot for each other. So many people go to this event to comment, ask, tease Sanan, guess that this girl is Papa Bear’s new girlfriend.

At the same time there are fans. Let’s find a warp and open a warp to see who is this beautiful girl? she is Instagram owner ‘Ploycha’ ploysha Be a coffee blogger including the beauty habit of appearing at brand events quite often

As for whether it will be a new love as netizens are speculating or not We must wait to hear the truth from the mouth of young Ceirch.