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Open world factory construction sim “Satisfactory” large-scale update “Update # 4” is now available in Early Access version. 20% off sale is also being held | AUTOMATON

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On April 14th, Coffee Stain Studios delivered a major update “Update # 4” of the open world factory construction simulation “Satisfactory” for Early Access builds. There are two types of builds for this work, the experimental version, which is a trial version, and the early access version, which is a public version, and updates have already been distributed to the experimental version (related article). The Experimental version is an unstable build with a strong test meaning of new elements and a lot of bugs. Here, based on the feedback received from the players, implementation in the Early Access version will proceed. Update # 4, which is full of highlights such as drones and hover packs, will be fully available in the Early Access version from today.

The Early Access version of Update # 4 doesn’t seem to have changed much compared to the Experimental version. A new Tier 8 milestone has been implemented, and new resources such as “nitrogen gas”, equipment, and production equipment have been added. Some changes have also been made to the recipes implemented up to Tier 7. Featured equipment includes drone-related equipment, lighting, hover packs, and quantum accelerators. Let’s introduce the highlights below.

Drones are equipment designed for long-distance transportation. You can’t do a lot of transportation at once, but you can move quickly on the map. Since it can be operated simply by installing a drone pad, it has the advantage of being able to make smaller turns than trains and trucks, where rail laying and automatic operation control are troublesome. If you supply a battery, it will operate automatically by connecting the resource and the battery to the drone pad.

Large ceiling lights for indoor use, spotlights for outdoor use, and street lights will be added. In “Satisfactory” before Update # 4, it was difficult to create a night view of the factory because the equipment that illuminates the factory was not installed. Lighting equipment can also be set in color and brightness, so it is possible to color the factory as you wish. Lighting equipment can be redeemed with a coupon from the AWESOME shop.

The hover pack will be implemented as a new equipment, and by wearing it, you will be able to fly and stay in the air. Electricity is consumed wirelessly from nearby utility poles and building connectors, and construction can be done while flying. It is not suitable for expeditions because it cannot be used without utility poles and equipment, but it is likely to be useful equipment for patrols of facilities and construction work at high places. In addition, a new zip line has been implemented as a means of transportation, making it possible to move between utility poles at high speed.

Quantum accelerators will also appear as production equipment. Although the power consumption is large, in Update # 4, the specifications around the power have changed, and the generator always operates at the maximum output. Since surplus electricity can be stored in the newly created electricity storage facility, it seems necessary to operate the quantum accelerator by making good use of these to manage the electricity. Plutonium pellets can be produced from the quantum accelerator, and the “nuclear pasta” necessary for the progress of the project can be produced.

Production-related balance adjustments have also been made to all production lines, including Tier 7 products such as bauxite and aluminum. It was also reported in the official video posted in the past that there were many players who stumbled on bauxite-related items. In addition, nuclear-related production lines have been rebalanced and uranium pellets have been removed. In addition, if the lines related to these were constructed with the data before Update # 4, the factory may not operate, in which case the production line needs to be relocated.

If you have already played the contents of Update # 4 in the Experimental version, you can move to the Early Access version build as it is. Immediately after the update, the behavior of the equipment and the production line may have changed, so it is a good idea to create save data for backup just in case.

In addition, Update # 4 of “Satisfactory”, which includes fine adjustments, UI changes, optimizations, and bug fixes, such as the ability to copy and paste building settings. Check out reddit for a patch note with the full update. “Satisfactory” is available on the Steam / Epic Games Store. The Steam sale is on sale until April 17th, and the Epic Games Store is on sale until April 19th at 1:00 am. This is a chance to buy this product with a list price of 3180 yen for 2544 yen, which is 20% off, so if you are interested, why not play it?

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