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Open world fluid survival ADV “Breakwaters” new trailer released. A great adventure that breaks the sea like Moses and freely manipulates water | AUTOMATON

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Developer Soaring Pixels Games announced on July 9th that the open world survival adventure game “Breakwaters』New trailer has been released. In the trailer video, you can see how a giant on a scale that looks like an island spits a beam, vehicles such as boats and gliders, and the lively water expression that is a big attraction of this work.

Breakwaters is a survival adventure that explores the islands scattered across the ocean. The islands and biomes distributed in a vast open world of 360 kilometers square are procedurally generated. Players aim to survive while exploring the island by making full use of various elements from crafting, creating bases, farming to livestock.

First of all, the fluid expression is eye-catching in this work. The waves really hit the beach and then pull. This alone is a beautiful expression, but the reproduction of the water in this work is not limited to its appearance. On the trailer, you can see Moses, who was cornered by the Pharaoh’s army, breaking the sea, halving the water and walking to the bottom. Also, if the weir is stopped, the water will stagnate realistically, and if the weir is cut, it will flow out again. There are also facilities that handle liquids such as tanks and pumps, and it is possible to create a mechanism that uses water flow. If you use the refined crystal, which is an item, you can control the water more freely.

By making full use of such water manipulation and architectural elements, it is possible to change the state of the island on a large scale, such as pouring water into a valley to turn it into a lake or completely submerging the lowlands. And it seems that undersea ruins are scattered in the vast sea simulated by fluid expression. Rare resources lie deep in the sea, which can be reached by making full use of fluid manipulation. There are a number of survival games, but there aren’t many that are so fluidly related to gameplay.

You can swim in the ocean or cross it in a customizable boat. In addition, on the trailer, you can see the gliding in the sky with a vehicle that can be called a “boat glider” with wings attached to the ship. Both sea and air travel look pretty comfortable.

However, waiting for this work is not just a fun journey. There are also enemies who aim at the main character, such as monsters and humans who seem to be thieves. In addition to close quarters battles and long-range battles with bows and arrows, it seems possible to throw bottles and attack with some liquid. In addition, there are several types of big bosses “Titan” that boast a size comparable to the island. It seems that it is a kind called Turtle Titan that emits a thick beam like a certain monster in the trailer image. It may be fun to use your wisdom and resources to fight these giant bosses, but I’m worried that the beam will burn your base.

In addition, the developer Soaring Pixels Games has been soliciting support for this work from March 31st this year in the Kickstarter campaign (currently finished). The campaign, which was launched with the aim of expanding the content of the game, has been successful in achieving stretch goals. In addition, Phillip Heckinger, the owner and developer of the studio, has been involved in the production of game works such as “Quantum Conandrum Superdimensional Quantum Problems and Their Solutions” in the past, as well as Xbox One at Microsoft. He was also engaged in Hololens-related development work. The promising concept and advanced fluid simulation of this work may be supported by such technology and experience.

“Breakwaters” is scheduled to start early access distribution for PC (Steam) from Q2 to Q3 2021. It also supports online co-op play. According to the Kickstarter page of this work, it is planned to support Japanese, and it seems that the release of the console version is also in view.

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