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Open your eyes to explore the truth about the weird house May 1st suspense blockbuster “Secret Visitor” released posters between pitches_TOM Entertainment

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What is home? Is it a sweet and warm harbor? Or a tailor-made cage? Is it a beacon in the dark? Or a secret paradise? Directed by Chen Zhengdao and written by Pan Qiao, the suspenseful film “Secret Visitor” starring Aaron Kwok, Duan Yihong, Zhang Zifeng, Xu Ting, and Rong Zishan has released a poster between the pitches. When you stare into the darkness, the darkness is also staring at you. The film tells the story of a strange visitor who has lived in a family of four full of secrets for many years. He still does not want to leave even if he is frightened. Why does he have to stay in this strange home? What kind of shocking secrets are hidden in this home? On May 1, 2021, a suspenseful drama will be officially staged, and it is currently on hot pre-sale.

Looking down at me, looking up to you, Aaron Kwok leads a family of five with their own minds to set up a difficult chess game

Taboos, self-imprisonment, oppression… When a fearful word has a relationship with your family, do you have the courage to explore the truth? The movie “Secret Visitor” released posters between the pitches today. Aaron Kwok, Duan Yihong, Zhang Zifeng, Xu Ting, and Rong Zishan all appeared on the stage, collectively performing “talking” with eyes, and revealing the family’s checks and balances from two angles of looking down and looking up. The father, mother, daughter, and son were on a high ground and looked down at every corner of the home, while the visitor stared at the family from an upward angle. The status of the family is clear. “Looking up, home is a tailor-made cage.” The visitor (played by Duan Yihong) is not only imprisoned for his body, but also for his soul. The four family members are also looking down on the meaning of being a monk in their hearts. The father (played by Aaron Kwok) is like a scheming hunter, and his family has been built into a jungle full of traps; the older sister (played by Zhang Zifeng) is a cold-eyed spectator, secretly Weaving the chess game of splitting the family; mother (played by Xu Weining) is a faint beacon in the dark, shining step by step towards the family’s secrets; while younger brother (played by Rong Zishan) is more like a watcher, in Under the shadow of the shadow, he used sharp eyes to observe the whole family. A family, five members, each with secrets, thinking about it with extreme fear, they also feel that this is an inexplicable chess game. The movie is currently on hot pre-sale, welcome to buy tickets to decrypt the truth of this strange home.

Imprison me, break free from you, the painter of the movie “Secret Visitor” for prison to reveal the truth behind the family

Before the movie “Secret Visitor”, Director Chen Zhengdao established his position as a master of suspense in the Chinese film industry with the movies “Master of Hypnotism” and “Master of Memory”. This time he directed the film, he continued to explore new types of movies. . Director Chen Zhengdao said: “I feel more brave. I want to make a psychological thriller film that is rare in Chinese movies. “Secret Visitor” is completely different from my other works. The suspense and puzzle solving of the story is not the most important, but the important one. It is the audience who wants to explore the meaning behind the film.” When the audience always thinks that Duan Yihong is the family’s “secret visitor” and wants to find out the truth, the audience is actually the real “secret visitor” of the family. “I hope to use movies as much as possible to lead the audience to become the’secret visitors’ of this family. This family cannot see the presence of the audience, but the audience can see the secrets of each of them. So I think this is a very special view. Movie experience.” Director Chen Zhengdao believes: “Everyone in the movie has secrets. I hope that the audience can be infinitely close to the characters with me, so that you will see that secrets are not the point, but scars are the point.”

The movie “Secret Visitor” is produced by Xinli Media Group Co., Ltd., Alibaba Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Reading Film Culture Media Co., Ltd., Tencent Pictures Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and iQiyi Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Co-produced by the company, Yingju Tianji Film and Television Media (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Huawen Film (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., Douyin Culture (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Yunnan Jinghong Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taopiaoping Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. , Xinli Media Group Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd. Beijing Film Distribution Branch, and Wuzhou Film Distribution Co., Ltd. joint distribution, the film will be released nationwide on May 1, 2021.



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