Open your mind Found an organization that does not match the brief. small wedding request but arranged to decorate beyond salary

Open your mind used to be poured Got a new organizer to arrange for the biggest bang beyond pay The guest even spoke. It’s not a big job.

The case from the page “Khun Chai’s Suite” posted a photo of a wedding that created a custom concrete road. to be as beautiful as organizing an event in a hotel The bride chooses only the color of the flower, otherwise the team arranges it in a magnificent way. until it became viral in the online world

Later at 4:30 pm on January 9, 2023, the reporter traveled to Ban Bo Nam, Village No. 7, Mu Mon Sub-District, Mueang District, Udon Thani Province, meeting Ms Jutharat or Khun Nui, aged 37 and Khun February, 37 years old The bride and groom from Khun Nui told us that Born in Udon Thani area After completing a bachelor’s degree at Khon Kaen University Went to work in Bangkok Later, moved to become a physical therapist in a hospital in Udon Thani.

Khun Nui continued, 10 years ago, he met Khun Febbri. an indonesian who works as a mobile phone case designer, came to apply for a visa, so they connected through Facebook, dating for 5 months. At first, there was a language barrier. So choose to communicate with each other in English. Then he learned Chinese until he could speak. Mr. Febbri also trying to learn Thai. After that, he became a fan.

As for Khun February, he said he likes Khun Nui because he is beautiful and kind. I like being here because it’s quiet. I like everything in Thailand

Khun Nui went on to say that she had planned a wedding in Indonesia two years ago. But he encountered the epidemic of the COVID virus, so the project was folded. and bought a house instead When planning another wedding The groom’s relatives want it to be held in Thailand. So we agreed to hold an event here on December 18, 2022, choosing to invite guests as relatives. and close friends attending In which he will say that to the guests “Organizing a small event” where the mother had prepared vegetarian food for only 14 tables, but it turned out to be the first organizer who contacted to pour the wedding on Loi Krathong Day.

after being poured He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to hold up. so he made a phone call to Khun Chai flats shop which also accepts this event Choosing a white, son and pink theme, it’s a small event, but the organizers have created a very magnificent work. creating the road in front of the house as an access tunnel The background is the garage. The stage is located in front of the house, very beautiful. Until a friend who came to the event got excited and asked, “It’s not a big event, is it?” As for themselves and the groom, they were impressed by the organization’s beautiful tunnel arrangement. like a dream The moon is the witness of love Organizers would feel sorry that they were dumped. So organized to be beautiful and magnificent Thank you very much If any couple is interested in holding a wedding and still without an organizer, please try to contact the shop “Flat Khun Chai” Si Bun Rueang District, Nong Bua Lam Phu Province There are prices to choose from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

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