Open your mind, ‘Ja’, EVE’S company wants police across the country. Find a quick and easy process to serve the people.

Open your mind, ‘Ja’, EVE’S company wants police across the country. Find a quick and easy process to serve the people.

From the case of Ms. Duangjai or Ja, 33 years old, Managing Director of EVE’S Corporation Company Limited, located at Bang Mae Nang Subdistrict, Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province, the owner of the EVE’S page told the incident after traveling to file a lawsuit that the owner of the page named Mikky had brought Images and text and the name of their company to spoof the products of the company. until someone transfers money to the criminal causing damage to the company At Bang Mae Nang police station to blame the criminals who used the page name to open Facebook selling counterfeit goods

Ja came out to go live with anger at the police officer’s work and sent him to study e-mail. After waiting to report to the police for more than 3 hours, just write a diary. The incident occurred on the 10th of Jan.

Later, on January 13, 65, at Bang Mae Nang Police Station, Bang Yai District, Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapat Phumchit, Commander-in-Chief of Police 1st, Pol. Maj. Gen. Tawatchai Nakharit, Deputy Commander Police Station 1, Pol Maj. Gen. Paisan Wongwatcharamongkol, Pol. Col. Ronnaphat Tubtimthongchai, Superintendent of Bang Mae Nang Police Station, and Pol Lt. Col. Saiyon Thongtha, investigators at the police station. Bang Mae Nang, the owner of the case that the victim was broadcast live attending the meeting in such cases After the meeting, Lt. Gen. Chiraphat revealed that that day the victims filed a complaint about the criminals using the company’s pictures and names to create a fraudulent online sales page. which can report the charge of importing false information into the computer system to be damaged immediately

Initially ordered the way Superintendent of Bang Mae Nang Police Station Change the new investigator by using the investigator who has knowledge and expertise in computers to make the case instead of the former investigator. will make an appointment for the injured person to come in for further questioning and take responsibility for such matters

At 2:00 p.m. on January 14, 2022, reporters traveled to follow the progress at Bang Mae Nang Police Station to meet Pol Col Ronnaphat Tubtimthongchai, superintendent of Bang Mae Nang police station. Come to report and sit and wait for 3 hours. The investigating officer knows that the victim has filed a complaint and has invited him to the waiting room and take action. But by doing the interrogation it took time, he felt that it took quite a long time. Actually not waiting We do it immediately, no more than 5 minutes, but doing it requires interrogation. and requesting additional documents The case is quite detailed, so it takes a little time.

The victim informed the investigating officer that additional documents were provided. The investigating officer may not communicate clearly, causing misunderstandings. The investigating officer wanted more evidence, which the victim said was in the email, so he wanted the Hundreds to print it. Which the communication may not be inconsistent with the victim, so he felt dissatisfied that the investigator did not pay attention Here, he has charged whether this case or other cases. Must have a public service mind, if he wants to bring some documents, we need to collect, but must explain to him why I can’t do it right away. In principle, there are many or quite important documents when coming to file a complaint. The victim must be the one to prepare the documents because they need to be signed in order to be quick. The investigating officer will be able to check immediately.

If there are additional documents or anything that can be added The investigating officer is happy to receive additional documents. He has called investigators to warn about how to communicate to people to understand how to explain. Or explaining the law, if it is difficult to understand, will cause people to be confused. and feel badly served let him adjust the communication and changed the investigative staff The reason for the change of investigators is because we already have people who have expertise in technology cases at the inspector level. The case is rather online and requires specialized investigative staff.

The commander ordered to change to match the person who has aptitude. On behalf of the police, they are ready to serve the people. If there is anything that people do not receive good service, they can report directly to them. After this, the Bang Mae Nang Police Station will give investigative officers or people who meet with the police in every line of work to have higher service mind according to the policy of the supervisor Yesterday, the Commander of Region 1 and the Provincial Police Commissioner of Nonthaburi Province He had traveled to Bang Mae Nang Police Station to pay attention to cases that appeared on online media. and has called the investigator to investigate the information and summoned him to meet and give orders

Latest at 6:00 p.m. on January 14, 65, reporters visited the area of ​​EVE’S Corporation Company Limited located at Bang Mae Nang Subdistrict, Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province to inquire about such cases. 33 years, Managing Director of EVE’S Corporation Co., Ltd. revealed to reporters that Some people have taken their photos and the Ives brand name to trick customers into transferring money to them. Scam selling random boxes and goods. Finally did not deliver There are many victims and has been notified via Yves Care is their company’s after-sales service. So people feel that they can’t let go because the number of victims is increasing every day. So people filed a complaint at the police station and met a police officer who had no experience in the field of thieves or thieves online. So he explains how to deal with it or how to fix it that is faster than the steps. Since their business is an online business, quite a lot of thieves or crooks are found online. and has been resolved to the police in the past more quickly than issuing a 15-day summons

He tried to explain that most of the names and accounts were not directly owned by scammers. is that the account owner has been impersonated as well But the police officer didn’t listen to him at all. He will try to act like he is good and knowledgeable, thus making it from easy to difficult and stretching for more than 3 hours. That day, there were many incidents that they thought could help each other a little bit, such as documents, many people. Misunderstood that he did not prepare any documents at all He went to report the company documents. evidence of scammers of all fake pages But the fake page has 2 pages. There is a new account number found at that time, so I have to add more evidence and 2 documents. Can I just ask the police for help to print 2 documents for me? but he doesn’t make not having the will to make himself and use words that are not appropriate to say this to the people “Whoever will be hurt, his business is not about us. Let the victim take care of himself.” So he thought that it was time to come out and make a claim.

Personally until I don’t know or have a problem with that police officer personally. Coming out to live this time did not want to argue with the police. or the police station The purpose is not to have trouble with the police. But he wants police across the country to develop knowledge about dealing with online scammers. Because nowadays there are many victims of being deceived by cheating from the online world. And police in many areas lack the knowledge and ability to deal with thieves or thieves in the online world.

I would like to bring a sample case that people have reported to be brought to training so that they can take preliminary correction quickly. There are far more ways to halt an incident so that there are no more casualties than issuing a summons and waiting alone and silence. How many times has there been more and more damage every day, but when I filed a complaint, I only returned the diary and the matter went silent. Let’s help each other, not to be in trouble. I want to listen to the people and help each other fix it so that the thieves can be caught. This is what they want

After the live broadcast, many police officers called him, he was stuck at work, had a meeting and asked about the same situation, so he had an assistant to talk instead. telling the same story many times So I concluded that when the thief was caught or something progressed, then came back to update better. Otherwise, it will waste time on both their side and the police side. He did not want to skip any queues or privileges. They want the page to be closed. And the account can’t transfer money so that there are no more victims. If you check the civil registration and contact the account owner and order to close the account from the beginning, you shouldn’t have to waste 3 hours like this.

Recently, the director has come to see him at the Ives factory and update the progress of where he has gone. Have talked and have left the story with you to the adults because nowadays people are damaged by being deceived by being cheated in the online world a lot. Thieves are very good at this time. I want the police to update me on how the thieves have methods. And what should the police do? Please pay attention to the online crooks that are there every day. He told the superintendent that no matter how many times he had filed a complaint, he had never received help from the police at all. I want this to be a request for the police to care about the people.



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