Open your mind, Mia jumps on the front of the car Revealing the words the mistress called “Young Kanchai” had to hurry to brake

Because of a viral clip of a thrilling incident A husband and wife arguing and quarreling on the street. Until the size of the angry woman jumps On the hood of the sedan The orange Toyota brand because it holds that the husband secretly snuggles and take them to travel Until Mia’s side caught him red-handed in the Tak State area, the latest chipmunk A woman in the clip came to open his mind in the list flow node with Young Kanchai

Khun Kratae said he has been working in Japan for 30 years, 6 years ago when he returned to Thailand. A friend introduced me to this man. I admit that she is very specific, good natured, married, married registered in Japan. He returned to work in Japan. Her husband is in Thailand, not working. She sent money to her husband for daily use, 1 thousand baht a day, excluding food and expenses, she sent a large amount of money to her husband to take a Toyota Vios, and at first she came out white. Husband took it and changed it to orange. I plan to use it when I come back to a meeting in Thailand. but all the time in Japan People have always told me that he always had affairs with women, had things secretly and was caught several times.

until mid-December last year Her husband blocked all channels of communication with Khun Kratae. Unable to contact at all Fearing that her husband would be in danger, she returned to Thailand. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Someone said that he was going to live with a woman in Tak State, and at that time, a friend forbade him to go and promised that he would not go. But she decided to go and pay homage to 9 temples instead, fixed the year, and also asked to meet her husband It turns out that there is enough to pay respect Chase from Nakhon Sawan Keep going until you reach the end of Kamphaeng Phet , entering the Tak State area.

Go eat with friends Turns out he found an orange Vios sedan parked. I’m sure it’s a car I gave my husband money to buy for sure. He didn’t lock the car. Went to open the car to see that the girl’s bags were in the car. Then Chipmunk took all the stuff out and threw it on the side of the road.

Khun Kratae also went to see her husband. come with a mistress At that time there was a fight in the middle of the street. in front of the villagers He pushed his man until he fell in the middle of the road. Until a good citizen comes to help Finally, there is an incident in front of the car as shown in the clip. In which the husband is still going to punch a good citizen Until the villagers who witnessed the event crowded and hit her husband until they had to retreat

After the incident, her husband kept calling him. Told not to bother again. In this way, he has no place to stand in society anymore. A mistress was fired from her job. How will you be able to make a living? But after that, the mistress called him again and said “Don’t call my husband, I’m selling…” When he got here, young Kanchai had to hurry to brake because he was afraid he would miss out on profanity while broadcasting live. Khun Kratae hurriedly added to the end “I can sell a comb to feed my husband.” Which means selling itself.

Khun Kratae insisted that he would sue them both in the affair. and file for divorce from her husband, of course admit to being very angry because fostering send money to use But can she come back to do this with him, with young Kanchai also asking why Khun Kratae is working in Japan? Not looking for a Japanese girlfriend And Khun Chipmunk jokingly answered that “I’m bored. I have a lot of them.”

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