Open your mind to the owner of the car Let the soldiers rent to drive. dizzy to show up in Myanmar Repeatedly have to take back the car’s hundred thousand ransom

Open your mind to the owner of the car Let the soldiers rent to drive. dizzy to show up in Myanmar Repeatedly having to take a hundred thousand to redeem his car back to 1.8 hundred thousand, report the offense to the military sergeant who has rented a car

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On January 19, Ms. Ann revealed to the news online. In the case of posting a Tik Tok clip while crossing the border from Thailand to Myanmar along with the Border Patrol Police to redeem his stolen pickup truck for 1.8 hundred thousand baht

Ms Ann said that on January 9, The customer is a soldier of the rank of sergeant. Came in to ask to rent a Toyota Revo black 4-door pickup truck with him in Ratchaburi, claiming that he broke up with his girlfriend. have to carry goods from Bangkok back to Kanchanaburi Ready to bring your ID card Driver’s license and official documents to confirm that they are actually soldiers. There is an appointment to return the car on January 12, until the night of January 11, the other party messaged me to say that he had let his subordinates borrow the car and couldn’t contact them. I want him to help check the GPS to find the coordinates. But people who rent a car are definitely not going to give it to others to use. The responsibility lies with the tenant. He said he didn’t have a GPS. So pretending to tell you that there is no GPS because it feels strange and afraid to take it out So said that if the car is lost, will be prosecuted. He claimed that he was able to contact him. He checks the GPS. The signal was found at Central Salaya and scattered elsewhere.

Ms Ann also said that at first she understood that the other party had removed the GPS. by raising the fire to deceive themselves to show signs all the time But he uses a method to block the signal. knowing that there is no car He tried to talk to him on the other side. in order to find the car by himself Until he told Tom that he took the car to his friend Tom, he contacted him, claiming that he didn’t know where the car went. but admits that he knows the soldiers who come to rent that he will take the car out and sell it to other people So he chased the checks to see where the car passed. Until it was known that on January 13, the car passed through Huai Yau. Heading to Mae Sot District, Tak Province, therefore coordinating with the staff At that time the car was still Thai registration.

Until the morning of January 14, the car’s GPS signal, which was already very weak, showed up at Mae Ta Subdistrict, Tha Song Yang District, opposite Mae Ta Hospital. Crossing into the Myanmar side for about 20-30 kilometers, then coordinate with the local police. before traveling across the border with the Border Patrol Police to talk to the village headman on the Myanmar side

Ms Ann also said that during the trip, a tribal group informed the village headman that they had found their car. When it’s about time 6:00 p.m., talk to the people of Myanmar He claimed that if he wanted the car back, he had to pay 100,000 baht to his residents who bought the car. The Royal Thai Police wondered why they had to spend money. even though it’s their own car therefore negotiate not to waste money before an appointment to deliver the car at 8:00 PM, but then canceled and let him come back again in the afternoon of January 15

“When he brought the car He didn’t take the price of 1 hundred thousand baht, but said that the villagers bought it for 4.3 hundred thousand baht. If they don’t have the money, they can’t take the car. So we negotiated and asked to talk to the buyer. He claimed that the car was confiscated in succession, and the villagers refused to talk. He only talks to the soldiers. So I really don’t know. Did someone buy it or not? But negotiating the price from 2.5 hundred thousand to 2 hundred thousand and the end at 1.8 hundred thousand baht. As for the case in Thailand I have already notified the Muang Ratchaburi Police Station The police will make an appointment with a sergeant for questioning. before filing an allegation which after the incident The sergeant didn’t help find the car. Pass the responsibility on to the seller. by depositing it to other rental car dealers that customers come in many forms In my own case, I do not think there will be a crooked government official to come and do it myself. I have to keep checking the GPS. Where did you use the car?” Ms. Ann concluded.



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