Open your mind to “Uncle Hom”, a red label millionaire, won the lottery for 18 million, thinking that the call center gang called to deceive

The 1st prize has appeared in Udon again! Uncle Han revealed that he was shocked. The Plus Lottery Division called to inform that he had won the lottery for 18 million, still thought he had been deceived by the call center gang.

Today (July 17) reporters traveled to a house, Village No. 5, Ban Dong Klang, Phasuk Subdistrict, Wang Sam Mo District, Udon Thani Province, which is the home of Mr. Wichai Mongkolkaew or Uncle Han, 57 years old, a big man, Duang Heng won the lottery. A large amount of 18 million baht after buying from the Plus lottery, winning the 1st prize until turning a millionaire overnight.

The atmosphere at Uncle Hom’s house was lively. There were villagers, relatives, and relatives who came to congratulate. and feasting according to the folklore Meat is bought to make Larb and grill together to show the joy.

by Father Wichai, or Uncle Hum, opened up to reporters that Before, he worked as Fourman at an oil drilling company in Singapore. Just returned home for a month only.

The part that came before was awarded the 1st prize, received 18 million baht by the last Buddhist Lent day. I myself went to make merit at Wat Analayo Phu Kho. The villagers of Ban Dong Klang-Dong Sawan joined together to donate money to make merit to the temple on the occasion of the Buddhist Lent in the amount of 7,405 baht. After leaving the temple, they bought the last number for making merit, which is 405, so they bought 3 with the Plus Lottery. leaves, then do not think about anything, do not think that he won the 1st prize

In the evening, there are officials The Plus Lottery Division called to say that Father Wichai won the first prize. At first, he didn’t believe that the call center gang told him that the call gang, don’t be fooled. But at the end of the line, he said that he didn’t deceive Father Wichai, who won the 1st prize, number 620405, was 18 million baht, really shocked, almost shocked, did not think that he would win the 1st prize this much.

And besides, he believed that he was right because he went on top of the Buddha image at the Lamyan Cave Monastery because 3 days ago, he went to find a wasp nearby. with 3 Buddha images, dried in the sun, and the roof of the pavilion has only pillars, so he raised his hand. Asking the children to win the 1st prize will immediately donate 1 million baht to build a pavilion to be a shade.

After winning the first prize, it will fulfill the promise to donate 1 million baht to build a pavilion for these 3 Buddha images very soon.

Then, Father Wichai or Uncle Hum, along with his wife, Mrs. Kanchana Mongkolkaew, went to light incense sticks to the Buddha images at the Lamyai Cave Monastery. He said that he would build a pavilion soon after winning the 18 million baht prize.

For Tham Lamyai Monastery, Luang Pu Khao Analyo came to succeed at this temple.


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