Open your mind “Top Noi” before entering the ring to reclaim the name of the Season 2 fight ROAD TO UFC on May 27-28.

The WAY TO UFC Season 2 fight has officially announced the result of the match by Topnoi Kewram, a fighter from Buriram. Enters the ring to fight outside the round in the flyweight version, meeting Niam Yargal Tumen Demberel Mongolian Opponents on May 27-28 in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China.

Going back almost ten years ago, I think many boxing fans would be familiar with the name. Thanongsak Lek Chuwattana, a rising star in the Ratchadamnoen Stadium 122-pound category although the punching form may not be flashy and is not classified as a regular magnetic boxing program But one day, a kid from Buriram became Topnoi Kewram, the fighter first Thai male in the world’s biggest mixed martial arts arena, UFC, which was something he didn’t even dream of.

“To be honest, at the time I was just an ordinary Thai boxer. A person who is still practicing, punching, punching on the Ratchadamnoen Stage, Lumpini, hoping to become a champion. This is the best boxing that Thailand didn’t expect to get this far.”

“Six years ago, I had the opportunity to become an instructor at Tiger Muay Thai Camp. Get to know many foreign boxers They advised me to enter MMA and I didn’t think it was serious at the time. I thought I would use the technique to teach foreign pupils.”

These days, there are new Thai fighters in the MMA scene. Although they get the art of weapons and strength from the bones of Muay Thai, but for MMA it is not enough to win in the octagon cage. In this regard, Topnoi himself knows it very well and believes that this is still a weakness that Thai fighters must hurry to adapt.

“The main thing that needs to be adjusted is fighting in the prone position. And wrestling without fouling, which is of course different from Muay Thai. More importantly, we need science and all kinds of weapons.”

“But some people who knocked him down didn’t go down again. Part of it may be the practice of Muay Thai. Because in the opinion of the people of Thai Camp, Muay Thai is a gentleman. Repeated falls and bans may still be stuck in the memory in the head. Which has to adapt to MMA fighting.”

Back in the last year in ROAD TO UFC Season 1, Topnoi Gewram made history. is the first Thai male fighter to win in this field By winning Yuma Horyuji’s points in the featherweight version before the dream was shattered Application losing to Park Hyun-sung, an opponent from South Korea. in the semi-finals

However, it did not discourage this north-east specialist. On the contrary, it made him more determined to train in the hope of returning to the UFC ring.

“Last time I was choked until I lost. If I get the chance, I would like to try my skills with Park again. In the past, I have not gone anywhere. I have always been determined to exercise. I don’t want to post on social media. I’ve been waiting for another chance to come back and fight in the UFC and today it came.”

For the ROAD TO UFC Season 2 fight, Top Noi is about to get another chance to return to the ring, facing Niam Yargal Tumen Demberel. Mongolian Contenders Although this is only an out-of-round fight this time in the flyweight division, Topnoi hopes to use this fight as a ticket to restore his title to a UFC fight.

“This bout, I’m very ready because in the past I’ve been training hard, especially in terms of tactics. I think I’m going to win this fight because I know standing in the UFC is not easy.”

Nowadays, Topnoi is already up to number 3, of course, in the fighting industry. This is a starting number. Some people consider that he is at the end of his career, Top Noi himself knows that to aim to reach the world champion. seems a distant matter He only hopes one day to be in the top 10 from second place in the featherweight division.

“My dream in the UFC is to be in the top 10 where I am currently fighting, featherweight. Even if it’s not as far as the championship, it’s fine, as long as I’m in the top 10, I’m satisfied.”

Finally, Topnoi reveals the secret of who his favorite MMA fighter is before asking for encouragement from the Thai fans. to walk through a big fight this weekend

“My favorite fighters are the two champions, Israel Adesanya, another lightweight champion who was together at the Bangtao Muay Thai camp. Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovsky

“As for the Thai fans who are about to watch Season 2 of ROAD TO UFC, don’t forget to follow, cheer and encourage me too. Because there are not many opportunities for Thai people to shine on the world-class arena like this. I would like to help support the Thai people.”

Official ROAD TO UFC SEASON 2 match results

Chapter 1, May 27, 2023
Outside featherweight fight, Topnoi Gewram (Thailand) vs. Niamyargal Tumendemberel (Mongolia)
Rei Tsuruya flyweight (Japan) vs. Ronald Zeahan (Indonesia)
Featherweight Yi Sha (China) vs Wuxiazibike Jiaheifu (China)
Flyweight Mark Klimaco (Philippines) vs. Lee Hyun Jung (South Korea)
Featherweight Keisuke Sasu (Japan) vs. Kim Sang Won (South Korea)

Chapter 2, May 27, 2023
Welterweight outside fight Taiyilake Nueraji (China) vs. Kim Han Sol (South Korea)
Flyweight bout: New Chie Yeung (China) vs. Billy Pasulatan (Indonesia)
Featherweight Yibugel (China) vs. Kuya Kanda (Japan)
Featherweight Sumit Kumar (India) vs Choi Seung Kook (South Korea)
Featherweight Li Gaiwen (China) vs. Lu Gai (China)

Chapter 3, May 28, 2023
Welterweight outside fight: Chris Hofmann (Philippines) vs. You Sang Hoon (South Korea)
Bantamweight Xiao Long (China) vs. Shohei Nose (Japan)
Lightweight: Kazuma Maruyama (Japan) vs. Kim Sang-wook (South Korea)
Bantamweight Chuya Kamikubo (Japan) vs Jialay Yisi Bergeng (China)
Lightweight: Chang Hong Sun (South Korea) vs Rong Ju (China)

Chapter 4, May 28, 2023
Flyweight bout Sim Kai Siang (Singapore) vs Peter Daneso (Thailand)
Bantamweight: Eperium ginting (Indonesia) vs. Dermizi Savupasi (China)
Lightweight: Windry Patilima (Indonesia) vs Shin Haraguchi (Japan)
Bantamweight bout Lee Chang Ho (Korea) vs. Rana Rudra Pratap Singk (India)
Bin Ki Won Light (South Korea) vs Batebolati Bahatebol (China)

For the first round of the fight, ROAD TO UFC Season 2 will take place on May 27-28, which will be broadcast through various partner channels during prime time in Asia.

Members of the media can apply for credentials for all UFC events by creating an account and registering at Follow us on Facebook (UFC Asia), Twitter and Instagram (@ufc) and use the official hashtag: #ROADTOUFC2.

Thai boxing fans can watch on the TRUE SPORTS HD3 channel (668) and the Fight Pass UFC application. More details at


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