OpenAI Introduces ‘Dali 3’ to Enhance Image Creation Capabilities in ChatGPT

OpenAI has revealed its latest advancement in image creation technology, ‘Dali 3’, which will be integrated into its ChatGPT platform. This new version of the AI, known as ‘DALL-E’, allows users to generate images based on their prompts. OpenAI announced the launch of Dali 3 on their official blog and disclosed that it will be made available to ChatGPT Plus users and corporate customers of ChatGPT Enterprise from October.

The integration of Dali 3 with ChatGPT eliminates the need for users to provide specific stimuli for image creation. Instead, users can simply describe the desired image in a conversational prompt, and ChatGPT generates the prompt for Dali 3 to create the corresponding image. Users can also make partial adjustments and add details to the generated image.

OpenAI emphasizes that Dali 3 surpasses its predecessor, Dali 2, in terms of image quality and better understanding user needs. Additionally, measures have been put in place to address copyright and ethical concerns. For instance, if a user requests an image in the style of a specific artist or enters the name of a famous person, Dali 3 will refuse to create the image. Artists also have the option to exclude their work from Dali 3 training.

It is worth noting that, similar to Dali 2, images created using Dali 3 can be freely utilized by users without seeking permission from OpenAI for reprinting, sale, or commercialization. Moreover, the language model employed in Dali 3 has been trained to disregard certain words and avoid explicit or violent messages.

The introduction of Dali 3 is anticipated to intensify competition in the AI image creation space, with contenders such as ‘Midjourny’ and ‘Stable Diffusion’ offering similar functionalities. Analysts highlight that the integration with the widely used ChatGPT will enhance the accessibility of Dali 3 and potentially drive an increase in paid ChatGPT users.

By Park Chan, Reporter,

Image created with ‘Dali 3’ (Image = Open AI)

‘Chat GPT’ will now be able to take pictures too. OpenAI announced that it will launch ‘Dali 3’, a new version of its image creation artificial intelligence (AI) ‘DALL-E’, and integrate it into ChatGPT. Chat GPT is a method that creates a prompt based on what the user wants, and the third party receives it and creates an image.

Open AI revealed Dali 3 on its official blog on the 20th (local time) and announced that it would be available to users of the paid version ‘ChatGPT Plus’ and corporate customers of ‘ChatGPT Enterprise’ starting in October.

Dali 3 is integrated with ChatGPT, eliminating the need for users to specify specific stimuli for images. When you ask someone to describe the image and write a prompt as if in a conversation, ChatGPT creates a prompt, and ‘Dali 3’ creates an image based on this. You can add details and make partial adjustments to the created image.

Image explaining the improvement in detail of ‘Dali 3’ capabilities (Image = Open AI)

The explanation is that the image quality is higher than ‘Dali 2’ and that it understands the needs of users better.

Comparison of Dali 2 (left) and Dali 3 (Photo = Open AI)

In addition, security measures have been implemented to prevent copyright or ethical issues. If the user requests an image in the style of an existing artist or enters the name of a famous person, Dali 3 refuses to create the image. Artists can also choose not to have their work used for Dali 3 training.

Like Dali 2, images created with Dali 3 can be freely used by users, and permission from OpenAI is not required for reprinting, sale or commercialization.

In addition, the language model was trained to ignore certain words and avoid explicit or violent messages.

With the release of Dali 3, competition in AI image creation with similar functions such as ‘Midjourny’ and ‘Stable Diffusion’ is expected to intensify.

In particular, some analysts say that not only has the accessibility of Dali 3 improved by integrating with widely used ChatGPT, but the influx of paid ChatGPT users will increase due to Dali 3.

Reporter Park Chan

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