Opened 「Public/Private Policy Communication Platform‍ – Press Release | Briefing Room | news

min·A public policy communication platformwas opened

people suggest ideas, Ministry of Industry.Respond quickly to Korea

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(Minister Lee Chang-yang, hereinafter the Ministry of Industry)Yes Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Communication Platform* ( use online communication windowmin·public policy communicationplatformsecond 10of day actionto say He said.

* nation(Entrepreneurs, civic groups, etc.)This economic and social issue(industry, Normal, energy, investment(just opened))An online platform that seeks answers after suggesting opinions on

yes min·A public policy communication platformmoney people(business·civic groups, etc.) everyone offer freely·sympathy·A place to discussby led by the private sector, Online private sector supported by the Ministry of Industry·government cooperation modelto be.

yes Consultation with the Ministry of Industryis a platform where citizens can easily participate in policies and offer opinions. The consensus is that online communication channels should be implemented. actionhe decided.

In the past, the Korean ’21Although the site has been operating since then Government support was necessary for the solution, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade also worked closely with the people. I needed a platform for communication.

with this collaboration Looking for the inconvenience that people experience in their everyday life user attitudeas an answerfind It will be reflected in the policy under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Industry..

ㅇ The bidding procedure offer people nation·businesssympathy‘200more than(1within a month) nation·In collecting voting results for business people and making recommendations to the Korea Council Ministry of Industry Carry out a review after the department has been handed over(1within a week) Review opinion to the Korean Council Post reply after delivery profit in sequence.

< Proposal process >

offer people


Departmental review

Comments after review

Collect the people’s proposals for our department

(1within a month)


sympathy‘200In Sangsi 2moving stage

Please vote after posting a discussion


nation·Entrepreneur Voting Results

At the time of convergence and suggestion of the Korean Council

3moving stage

to our department

Voting/Debate Results

after transfer

carry out a review

(1within a week)

on top of Korea

Review Opinion

Post reply after delivery

ㅇ Only, Investment difficultiesAbout with publicly available comments By not disclosing, it is possible to apply for individual investment difficulties.,

private offerfor 1within a month 200Even if there is no sympathy with more than one person, under the opinion of the Urgent Investment ChallengesAbout the Ministry of Industry for the relevant department to review FAST TRACKjust established.

present The response time is as usual 30work while, min·public policy communicationplatformi the proposed company problems, Suggestions from the peoplemoney maximum 1within a week Ministry of Industry Department in chargein answeri can have Prompt administrative service is expected.,

ㅇ Right now PC·Is it possible to bid via the mobile web? In the future, application services will be introduced to promote user convenience. It intends to strengthen its role as a communication channel..

Lee Seung-ryeol, Policy Planning Officer, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energymoneymin·A public policy communication platformsecond oknation CommunicateIt will be used as a window to gather public opinion in the policy making process.. This will strengthen data-driven administrationdo It is hoped that the policies of the Ministry of Industry will reach out to the people more by expanding communication with the public..”He said.

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