Opened the world’s first hydrogen power generation bidding market… Bidding for 650GWh in the first half

Overview of the hydrogen power generation bidding market system [산업통사자원부 제공]

(Sejong = Yonhap Infomax) Reporter Lee Hyo-ji = The world’s first hydrogen power generation bidding market will be created in Korea.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced on the 9th that it will operate a bidding market for the first time in the world with the publication of hydrogen power generation proposals.

The hydrogen power generation bidding market is a system for the purchase and supply of electricity produced with hydrogen or hydrogen compounds (ammonia, etc.) as fuel.

KEPCO, the buyer, and the district electricity business must purchase hydrogen power generation in consideration of the basic plan for power supply and demand, and the supplier, the hydrogen power generation business, will supply hydrogen power generation to the buyer by offering competitive for the purchase. amount

The opening of the bidding market is expected to promote competition among hydrogen power generation technologies and lower power generation costs.

Meanwhile, fuel cells, which form part of hydrogen power generation, have been promoted through the Mandatory Renewable Energy Supply System (RPS).

The Ministry of Industry has decided to separate hydrogen power generation and prepare a separate bidding market so that generators with various technologies such as hydrogen turbines and ammonia co-combustion can participate.

The bidding market to be held this year is opened once in the first half and second half considering the first layoff from the system, and the bidding for the first half was announced through the Korean Power Exchange on the same day.

The bidding volume is 650GWh, which is half of this year’s bidding volume, and the final successful bidder will be chosen in mid-August.

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