Opening a new dimension of television programs that shook the sales industry!!! The I AM CELEB program, the war of sellers, wins prizes over 5,000,000 baht.

is another new item That will shake up the sales industry when the company Becelo held a great press conference The launch of a new program, I AM CELEB, the sales war at Voice Space Studio, is getting ready to be released on Workpoint TV screen for all vendors. and want to be a seller Stepped in to show sales skills Find the best seller to become the number 1 Seller on the list to win prizes worth more than 5,000,000 baht.

Led by a very talented host such as Mr Willie McIntosh and Master Mentors, who have been experts in the sales industry for a long time, including Mr Songphon Shanmatkit from TV Direct, an expert in Sales strategy and techniques, Mr Thanyawat Chaitrakulchai, a marketing expert and also is a professor of Brand Management, Khun Mookie Praiya, a famous influencer An expert in creating an identity and selling products online Along with special guests, Thai and Korean, who will bring fun and excitement to the program, with the announcement of the final 60 contestants who will compete with the ability to sell fiercely like Nobody agrees

This event was honored by Mr. Jong Chul Park, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Do N Be Group Thailand, Mr. Song Pyo Ryu, founder and CEO of Becelo, took the stage to speak about the start of the program. before finishing with going on stage to take pictures together

Mr. Jong Chul Park and Mr. Song Pure Ryu said, “Our company is a company that imports products from Korea. and already distributed in Thailand We are finding a way to make it as close to consumers as possible. So we decided to create this program to spread and promote Korean culture to users. And this would be the best way. We, the organizers and the team, are determined to make this program the best it can be. Let all the viewers and fans give us love and attention.”

In addition, the I AM CELEBRITY War of Sellers has many products. many brands Imported from South Korea for everyone to choose to shop through the Becelo smart platform and can support your favorite seller by voting online. And the sellers who get the most votes will get special privileges in the list. Vote for your favorite seller at

In the I Am Celeb show, the seller’s war, there will be products from many brands imported from Korea. Let Thai people shop through the Becelo app, a new smart online platform from Korea. You can follow up soon. You can visit more details about the contestants on the I AM CELEB TH fan page.

Warm up your hands and get ready to vote for your favorite vendor!

The first episode of I AM CELEB, Sellers War will be broadcast on Monday, August 7th and airs every Monday at 9:30 pm via Workpoint TV.


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write a title for this article Roller skating competition scene. ⓒ Reuters = News 1 10,000m Speed ​​Roller Skating Men’s Point Elimination Race Byeong-hee Jeong (Chungcheongbuk-do Sports Council) won the gold medal at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. ⓒ News 1 Roller Designer Hye-rim Yang Skates Men’s Speed ​​Point Elimination Race 10,000m Choi In-ho (Nonsan City Hall) won a bronze medal at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. ⓒ News1 Designer Yang Hye-rim women’s speed roller skating elimination race 10,000m points Yoo Garam (Anyang City Hall) won a bronze medal at the Games Asian Hangzhou 2022. ⓒ News1 Designer Yang Hye-rim

(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Daehyun Moon = Jeong Byeong-hee (Chungcheongbuk-do Sports Council), a member of the men’s roller skating team, won a surprise gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Byung-hee Jeong won a gold medal in the final of the men’s 10,000 meter point elimination race at the competition held at the Qiantang Roller Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 30th.

The 10,000 meter elimination point roller skating race is a competition where skaters ranked in a given lap receive points by circling a 200 meter track for 50 laps, and the last skaters are eliminated.

After the bell rings, the players in first and second place receive 2 points and 1 point, respectively. In the final lap, 1st to 3rd place earns 3 to 1 point each.

Byung-hee Jeong won the championship with a time of 15 minutes 39.867 seconds and 19 points.

Following Byung-hee Jeong, China’s Zhang Zhenhai (15 minutes 41.721 seconds, 14 points) won the silver medal, and Korea’s Choi In-ho (Nonsan City Hall) won the bronze medal with 15 minutes 41.883 seconds, 11 points.

Meanwhile, in the women’s 10,000m elimination points roller skating final held earlier, Yoo Garam (Anyang City Hall) won a bronze medal.

Yoo Garam came third with a time of 17 minutes, 23.416 seconds and 14 points. Lee Seul (Daegu City Hall), who also participated, came 4th with 10 points in a time of 17 minutes 33.083 seconds.

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