Opening of “Kaew Forgot Kon”, the little girl fought for life, “Green”, broke the fight in the market

The first episode was broadcast on Wednesday, January 27, on Channel 31, it is already intense fun for the Kaew Forgot Khon drama, who has the heroine Green Asadaporn as a twins for the first time In conjunction with the male protagonist Kang-Kon, this event just opened. At first there was a story for the disciples Reen and young Korn to take a break.

Is the scene Glass (Green) Little girl fighting life There is a career selling rice and curry in the market. But was molested until drunkenness Man City (Crayfish) Came through to see events Therefore hurried to help Until the chaos of this scene, director Kran Khum Anuwong raised the unit to filming at Jim Thompson Farm, turning it into a retro bazaar. The director then called Green and the shrimp for rehearsal. Just opening the scene at first, both of them were already hard. Because they had to face the fight from the first day Especially greens that have to be hit. Get thrown But green fit, ready to go fully with no complaints The crayfish is not inferior, wearing a hero spirit to protect the green. Both of them practiced several rounds until the queue was accurate. The director immediately ordered the camera to shoot.

Start at Green hawkers selling rice and curry Shouting for a customer in the market, suddenly, a drunken man comes in to make funnies and harass himself. Until the long-lasting green I began to show symptoms, hurriedly grabbed a plate of rice and splashed on my face Causing a drunken dissatisfied man to attack Green While Green was crying, someone helped At that moment, young kang, the past, saw exactly the scene Did not wait, hurried to help Green Along with showing skills to fight both kicking and punching a large set Until the drunken man could not fight, so called them to strengthen the army On the green, after having regained consciousness Seeing Kong is facing 3 crowds 1, he hurriedly grabbed the stick and threw him into the drunk man to help him. At this event, both of them tag-team each other to not fight back. Until there was a chaos

Well, just opening the story, there is a story to be excited about already. How did this work end? Do not miss the intensity of the Keaw Forgot drama, starting the first episode on Wednesday night, January 27, at 8:15 p.m. on Channel 31.

Glass forgot perch

Glass forgot perchGlass forgot perch

Glass forgot perchGlass forgot perch


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