Opening of the Defense Industry Exhibition… Lee Jong-seop “Fostering the Defense Industry as a National Strategic Industry”

Source: Yonhap News

At the opening ceremony of the Korea Defense Industry Exhibition (DX KOREA), National Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop said, “The government will actively share Korea’s (defense industry) experience and knowledge with all countries.”

Minister Lee said this at the opening ceremony of DX KOREA held today at KINTEX, Goyang-si.

He said, “Countries around the world are focusing much of their capabilities on defense science and technology to lead the security environment of the future.

“The Republic of Korea should also build a scientific and technological powerhouse that is optimized for the changing security environment by integrating advanced science and technology into all areas of national defense,” he said.

In particular, he presented, in order to expand defense cooperation with each country, “We are making efforts to package support for all types of export, such as the development of joint weapons systems, technology transfer, and local production abroad, and to develop subsequent- logistics support up.”

DX KOREA, which opened on the same day, was first held in 2014 as a venue for international exchange and cooperation with the government, military and defense industries by showcasing advanced weapon systems from around the world.

Minister Lee said, “This year, while Korea’s outstanding weapon systems such as K-2 tanks, K-9 self-propelled artillery and FA-50 fighters attract attention, it will be held on the largest scale ever, with 350 companies of 40 countries participating. It means even more,” he congratulated.

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