Operation Triple Beam offers 355 violent criminals from Missouri streets

Operation Triple Beam offers 355 violent criminals from Missouri streets

August 21 (UPI) – The Missouri law enforcement agents and federals arrested hundreds of repeat offenders during an operation of the Civil Servants who were aimed at removing violent criminals from the streets of Kansas City, the authorities said.

During a press conference at Jackson's Courthouse in the center of Kansas City, Gov. Mike Parson, with B.S. Marshal Mark James and the Attorney General Tim Garrison announced that 355 people were arrested for outstanding warrants as part of Operation Triple Beam.

Under the 10 week Civil Service operation, some of the most violent and active offenders in the city were moved away from their streets along with 69 firearms, over 2,000 rounds of ammunition and 4.4 kilograms of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and drugs. Another illegal, US Attorney's Office in the West Missouri District said in a statement.

"Operation Triple Beam gave a laser focus at all levels of law enforcement – federal, state and local – to combat violent crime by focusing on the worst offenders," Garrison said. "Dangerous and armed fugives from the street were installed, detained and built to address justice in a state and federal court."

The goal of the operation was to reduce the number of violent crimes and gun-related crimes during the peak summer months by targeting violent offenders and gang members called law enforcement for repeatedly breaking the law.

"The intention was to remove material from the street responsible for fueling violent crime in the community and for seizing centrally held drugs and firearms," ​​said the solicitor's office.

117 people were arrested from drug charges, 71 for military offenses, 25 for burglary, 22 for assault, 17 for theft of a vehicle, 14 for fraud, 10 for robbery, six for sexual offenses, four for sexual assault, one for not registering as an offender. sex and 59 for other crimes.

Eight were also arrested for homicide.

No one was killed or one shootout in the process of arrest, James said during the press conference.

"Sometimes Task Force members spend days tracing these balances around the clock to catch them in the safest conditions," he said.

Police also captured fugives from Missouri law in other states as well as in Mexico and are accepting those who are hiding in Missouri from the police in other jurisdictions, he said.

Gov Parson said that Triple Operation was "a great start" but Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield the state are still dealing with a boom in violent crime.

"That's not who we are in this state, and we have to address that issue," he said. "We, as parents, or grandparents of some of us, intend to protect our children. It is about protecting our people."

To prevent the problem, it will take more than one agency or group, he said.

"We will all have to try to find a solution to follow these criminals – that is exactly what they are – and take them out of the street and ensure that they are punished for their actions, that is exactly we should be focused on, "he said.


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