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According to CoinDesk analysts, if the price of Bitcoin does not find support in current values, the next significant level would be $ 3000.

#BTC/ APEC USD per week
Bias: very harmed#bitcoin weekly retirement at 38% retraction at 3 kms
The MACD is a cycle of prolonged cycle of red bear$ BTC pic.twitter.com/63hjjBO5KY
– Markets CoinDesk (@CoinDeskMarkets) 6 in 2018 r.

In the weekly chart, one can see that the strong movement confirmed by commercial volumes began when the price left the figure of "Triangle." Currently, Bitcoin is moving to the 38% level on the Fibonacci scale. This level coincides with the mark of $ 3054, corresponding to the July values ​​of last year.
The patterns "Triangle" and "Flag" in lower time periods indicate a high probability of continuing the downward movement:

#BTC/ USD #bitcoin Instantaneous of EE. UU
Perspectives: watching below bearish
Show clear points of confirmation / invalidation
Interruption of triangle / flag support should start to fall to $ 3k pic.twitter.com/YwqAyOoZsu
– Markets CoinDesk (@CoinDeskMarkets) 7 until 2018 r.

This is also indicated by updating the maximum in terms of volume of short positions in Bitfinex:

#BTCUSD The shorts of Bitfinex are in 40,289 trapped in September. 19 pic.twitter.com/n16rWLm2vZ
– Markets CoinDesk (@CoinDeskMarkets) 7 until 2018 r.

Remember that the key support level in $ 3,000 last week was reported by Omkar Godboul.
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