Opinion How The West Virginia Children's Education Bill Will Be Done

The County's school boards are allowed to ignore how long a person was teaching when those workers choose to refuse. This means that the more critically open-minded teachers as well as those focused on the unions are easy to punish goals, and their quieter colleagues will not be encouraged from talking. West Western students are the ones who will suffer the consequences of suffering their most severe counselors.

Apart from organizing the ability of our teachers, the bill allows the establishment of state charter schools.

In the version of the Bill made by the Seanad, there would be a little regulation at chartered schools, and it may be authorized by non-profit and political organizations. Teachers in these schools may be employed without a certification or even a high school diploma, indicating that there is little to do with student achievement.

Since the introduction of the bill, education and board organizations throughout the state, as well as the President of the State Education Board, against it, pointed out that the establishment of these schools would be detrimental to West Virginia's children as public funds are placed on away from district schools, with the most negative and most disadvantaged effects of students who are already vulnerable and disadvantaged; these people are sufficient in a state of high poverty rates.

Despite the opposition from education leaders, Mitch Carmichael, Senator's president, voted for the vote to vote when he left the Seanad Finance Committee businessly and a whole committee was established in an unusual operation that did not collapse only three times in the history of the state.

The negotiations held at the Capitol was collected, union representatives over the weekend and voted to allow another walk, if teachers consider it necessary. Meanwhile, the Bill is being restored by the Home Education Committee and goes to a public hearing on February 11. For the time being, its future is not clear, and West Virginia's public school system system.

But this is the cause of this public: Senate West Virginia Bill 451 actually tries to deal with state legislators to mitigate the voices of the community elected.

And just like West Virginia teachers set up a large number of organizers seeking equity in other states, which could set such a dangerous precedent for politicians who are interested in using bullying tactics to voices to grow their ingredients, even at the cost of state school children.

Lauren Peace (@LaurenMPeace) Presenter from West Virginia currently reporting in Kosovo.

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