Opinion. T In Baltimore, Police Officers Are Bad-Guys With Guns

Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, though led by the task force, and got his squad “guns off the street.” They were making 20 to 50 unconstitutional stops per night. So they put pressure on a high number of guns, they often put guns if dyou will not find it No, we found during many interviews with arrested people. And because there was less pressure to introduce drugs, if Sergeant Jenkins got narcotics, he kept them and resold them, creating more disorder on the streets.

“Ten months and a half a year and Sergeant Jenkins and his staff have arrested 110 for manual breaches and 132 unlawful guns were seized,” the Policing Department newsletter was in October 2016. “Still endeavor to our streets making safer through guns and Due to the right people to capture the rights reasons our city is safer. ”

According to physical camera footage, federal evidence and text messages, the day before that newsletter, the unit stole 400 grams of cocaine and enlisted another officer to sell it. And after Mr Jenkins was arrested, almost all of those 110 cases were empty. And yet, as did Baltimore police commissioners in a crisis period, Mr Harrison has the same path that enabled Sergeant Jenkins to be successful.

“We have recovered 11 guns in 11 arrests over the weekend, over the past 48 hours,” Mr Harrison said among the recent shooting. “So we are going after those who are carrying guns illegally; we are engaged. ”

In 2018, Mr Jenkins was sentenced to a 25-year sentence by a judge in prison, for crimes, robbery and falsification of records, among other crimes.

As the killing continues and the crime continues to grow, we are too afraid to ask if these measures actually work. Instead we ask the police to get more money. As other city service budgets are reduced, the police budget increases. Recommended $ 530 million this year for police (in a city budget of $ 2.9 billion) increased $ 20 million over 2018.

And yet, every year, the results are declared unacceptable. But rather than calling on the strategy, we are asked, as in the rhetoric of war on terrorism, to consider harmlessness: Imagine how bad it would be if these rough men were not there to protect us.

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