Opinion. T The wonderful Comackack of Rahul Gandhi

India began voting in the general elections, a seven-stage process involving 900 million voters, whose results will be known on 23 May. Narendra Modi, prime minister of India, is in charge of the campaign for its Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, who does not live on his record in office or his plans for the future, but instead he is criticizing the other parts, by focusing on national security issues, claiming credit for airstrips against Pakistan and even calling for the name of soldiers.

Much of Mr Modi's concern concerns the emergence of Rahul Gandhi, the 48-year-old president of the National Congress of India, the main opposition party. Coming from a prime minister family starting with his great-grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru, grandmother, Indira Gandhi, and father, Rajiv Gandhi, Mr Gandhi has been writing a remarkable political return.

When Mr Modi took over power in 2014, the Congress party was reduced to 44 seats in the lower house of 542 members of Parliament. It appeared that Mr. T Gandhi his mother to follow, Sonia Gandhi, as president of the party, is known to be an indifferent public speaker and was an easy target for right wing trolleys.

Mr. T In the past 18 months, with severe social media campaigns and definite public talks, interacting with audiences in the town hall locations, and as a point to address press meetings, Mr Modi refused to do so during her time. five years in power.

Traditions in cities that politely refuse to let houses to Muslims have now moved actively t placing them in schools and in public places. The police rarely intervene in cases of violence from adults or hate speech and the courts fail to deliver justice. While mainstream media is largely compliant, independent news sites, universities, students and civil society actors are harassed.

Mr. T Gandhi to do so with a combination of activities. It has been in campaign mode for months, uses social media to increase messages, and is beginning to introduce politics of unity, hope and inclusion. It seriously addresses policy issues, is of interest to technology and society co-operation, emphasizes the importance of public institutions and usually distinguishes between Modi's certificate and his own willingness to learn t .

It also has policy proposals and is likely to persist with the poor. Mr Gandhi announced a minimum income guarantee that will transfer $ 87 each month to the poorest 20 percent of the population, focusing on about 50 million households. The proposed scheme, which generated much of it interestfunding from economists is expected by “reducing the existing subsidies that go mainly to the rich and average classes.” t

The party's proclamation of the Congress promises to extend a public works program to 150 days a year, increase expenditure on education and healthcare to 6 and 3 per cent of the G.D.P. and reviewing the use of dragon security legislation.

Mr Gandhi looks forward to a mix of social peace as a public interest, a return to constitutionality, a growth in institutional building and a strong social democratic policy focus on Mr Modi. It is an approach enjoyed by Indians who are now tired of the violent energy released by Hindu nationalism.

Critics have mixed feelings about Mr Gandhi's partner. They have long argued that there is a great deal of pathology in India's political life which has no foundation in the years of Congress rule. But even now they recognize the value of leaders as Mr Gandhi, who reaffirms constitutional values ​​and practices a political form that seeks to represent each group – a significant contrast with the Hindu nationalist BJP, whose aim is to demand diversity of India be handled under a Hindu vote to create and ignore elite claims of the state.

There are a number of challenges for Mr. Gandhi. He must convince trappers that he has been a true break from the past by the Congress party. It must be a language of support for marginalized groups that Hindu nationalists cannot always use – and moved from silence to anti-Muslim violence in the past to become more angry about it recently.

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