Opinion Will Trump Power Values ​​be in Virginia?

For more than 50 years, the Democratic Party gave a flag on racial and gender equality, and more so during the Trump era. In contrast to the increasingly expensive Republican Party, Democrats from the left and the center behind an ideal image of their party as a rainforest coalition on resistance are racism and sexuality.

The last 10 days in Virginia after spending all of that in a country – and it has shown that political power will always have political distinction. But apart from taking their power out of purity of morality, or accepting the realities of American politics, the party is in a more compelling way to reasonably calculate: power and ideality can meet each other, but are linked to close to him.

With regard to the Democratic Party, it seems like a moment for the final home cleaning of the series of homeless scandal and recent sex attacks at the top of state leadership. According to the partially restored institutional standards in addition to Donald Trump and the Republicans, we would like to expect democratic politicians to request everyone's office. There should be no quarter in Racism in the Democratic Party. There should be no sexual assault.

But the reality, as the party learns again, is that simple, especially when there is power.

President Gov announced. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring, both of whom are tackling a staggering in their youth, and that Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who has been accused of misconceptions, demonstrates the moral position of the party, but also gives the Republican state power deputy. The majority of voters in 2017 rejected by Juvenile residents will have a policy and political agenda.

The type of Catch-22 agonizing is to stimulate different levels of immediate schadenfreude from politicians and pundits right, although they have been much clearer in their breach of race and gender and want to gain power in any necessary way.

In fact, the right-wing organization organized this saga by leaking Mr. Northam's racial yearbook photo on the first day of the Black History Item to allow this to be done with the hope of crossing the regulator's policy work program – and to drive the enormous internal acceptable nature of the party to weigh its heritage on racial equality and against his desire to keep power in the state.

But there has been something funny in recent days. Democratic leaders and politicians agreed, when they strongly agreed due to the resignation of Mr Northam, that there was a sudden enemy after two accused women. Fairfax rape. Most democratic presidential candidates, who ask the regulator to resign and investigate the lieutenant, after proceeding; Most are now asking Mr. Fairfax to resign, and Mr. Northam and Mr Herring to stay in office.

Even Fairfax may receive self-esteem, at least for the moment. Last week, Patrick A. Hope, a Democratic Member of Teachouse from Virginia, announced that he would investigated goods against Mr. Fairfax if he did not resign; then, over the weekend, Mr. Hope dropped a sensitive intention to recommend impeachment, based on an investigation into the allegations of sexual assault (Mr Fairfax's accusers expressed willingness to give evidence in public).

On Monday morning, Mr. Hope support again claimants of Mr. Fairfax while admitting that it was open to an approach other than the investigation, provided women's voices are part of them.

The Democratic Party has a disclosure that encourages change of position, and the furtive negotiations that have entered into that movement. While Western Western troubles continue to call for Mr Northam's resignation, it is more clear that the Democrats in Virginia and in all nations have accepted political tactics that are explicitly related to their power protection.

But in doing so, they have argued positively that implies that the democratic power is keeping moral and the pragmatic subject of justice – moral in the sense that the Democratic Party is obliged to form its basis to guard against the Republican agenda; pragmatic in the sense that Mr Northam and Mr Herring, as racist racism (or racist ignoramuses) are hunting on the basis of the party of heart supporters and loyalists – these are women and black men.

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