OPPO A95 Smart to the extreme Answer the entertainment line, 5000mAh battery, 33W fast charging, Flash Charge, watch movies, play games, no matter how heavy it is.

OPPO A95 The new smartphone answers the question “Smart life to the max” Satisfied with the entertainment line, watching movies, watching series, playing games without interruption, having fun all day long.

It is another smartphone in the A-series of OPPO that does not disappoint fans because the specification is satisfied. both beautiful design The screen is beautiful and clear. The camera can take beautiful pictures as you wish, providing the internal specification to meet the entertainment needs with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 chipset, 128GB of internal memory, 8GB of RAM and also with RAM Expansion +5GB, can be used smoothly and can be used all day comfortably with a large battery of 5000mAh and33W Flash Charge

OPPO A95 Enjoy all day without interruption!

battery matter It is considered the highlight of OPPO A95 that it can be said that it is supplied with plenty of 5000mAh, ready for heavy use for a full day without worrying about it being easily exhausted. Anyone who likes to watch movies on a smartphone You can rest assured that you can look long in the morning until the evening. or play games It’s fun continuously without having to worry about running out of battery.

In addition to the large capacity battery, OPPO also pays attention to fast charging. With a 33W Flash Charge system, plugged in for just 5 minutes, you get extra power for 1.81 hours of YouTube viewing, 5.73 hours of talk time. and can use Instagram for 1.37 hours

Fast charging with33W Flash Charge
Just plug in the charger for 5 minutes, get the power to watch YouTube for almost 2 hours!

OPPO A95 also comes with many charging-related features. To provide safer and more convenient charging

  • Battery Guard / AI Night Charge Learn your usage habits. Optimized battery charging during sleep to charge to 100% exactly when you wake up. To help preserve the cycle life of the battery.
  • Charging Heat Control It helps to control the temperature during charging properly as well. Internally, there is a Graphite tube dissipation design to improve the cooling efficiency of the machine.
  • Super Power Saving Mode If an unexpected situation Use until the battery is low on power and can’t find a charger. You can turn this mode on to extend its lifespan.
  • Super Nighttime Standby Sometimes I forget to plug in my phone to charge before going to bed. don’t worry Because the system will automatically switch to standby mode. In this mode, a period of 8 hours will consume only 2% of the battery.

have fun Play the game smoothly

internal specification ofOPPO A95 Provides 128GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM, comes with RAM Expansion that turns the storage space to use as virtual RAM that can be selected up to 5GB, meaning you can increase the RAM space to use up to 13GB at all, making it possible to work In resource-intensive apps like playing games with high graphics has increased stability

Change the storage space to RAM. Choose 2GB, 3GB and 5GB.

The chipset is a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662 that works with System Booster to help optimize the system. regulates temperature, increases responsiveness to touch To make the game play a more fluid experience as well.

Outstanding design

OPPO A95 The design of the device is outstanding. With a design style OPPO Glow Design, which is exclusive to OPPO, which gives the color dimension, the back cover is beautiful, sparkling like a glitter. There will be 2 colors to choose from.

  • Silver Rainbow Glowing Rainbow Silver Inspired by seven rainbow colors Show different color effects in different lighting conditions.
  • Black Glowing Starry Black It conveys the imagination of stars that sparkle in the dark night sky. like the reflection of stars floating above the calm sea

also the machine It is also designed to have a rounded, comfortable grip. And is only 7.95 millimeters thin and weighs only 175 grams, making it easy to hold and play mobile phones all day. without hand fatigue

clear and beautiful screen

Like watching the series, definitely watching movies with a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen, sharp, FHD + (2400 x 1080), punch-hole display design, giving the area a clear view. in the screen-to-body ratio of up to 90.8%

With an AMOLED screen, the colors are bright and beautiful. It also has OPPO’s All-Day Eye Care feature that reduces blue light. with adjusting brightness to reduce screen flickering. Helps reduce eye fatigue Makes you not feel pain when looking at the screen for a long time as well

AI 3 rear camera takes beautiful photos Ready to share on social media

Reputed that OPPO is confident that the camera is absolutely beautiful in the OPPO A95 will come with AI 3 rear cameras with a maximum resolution of 48 megapixels, working with a 2 megapixel macro camera and a 2 megapixel depth camera and a selfie front camera. It provides a resolution of 16 million pixels.

OPPO A95’s intelligent camera system comes with a photo feature that allows you to share social media as soon as you press it. AI Beautification Helps to adjust skin tone and smoothness naturally, AI Scene Enchanement Customize color and brightness to suit various scenes without customization Taking pictures in the sunlight, it is still bright, both the face and the background.


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